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The Non Sequitor Thread

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Went to a baby shower this afternoon. There was a party game I hadn't encountered before, where they give you both parent' full names, and using that as the letters supply, come up with possible midd

Dear Ms _______,   Yes, I agree that my not getting any lab write-ups from you this quarter is the reason you got a D in my class. After learning yesterday of a bit of catastrophic idiocy on the pa

Poetic justice too often is written by Vogons.

Top Five LOTRO Observations:


5. Don't accept quests where you escort NPCs to safety. Those guys are inherently suicidal.

4. When aiding NPCs in battles, wait for them to run in the direction they actually intend to go. They only do that after running in the opposite direction for the first few seconds.

3. Angmarim priestesses are a study in butterface.

2. Take part in the yearly festivals. You can level up faster by picking flowers than killing orcs.

1. Watch out for level 100 deer.

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DUE DATE: Wednesday May 12, 11:59 PM Seattle time. Entirely by coincidence, this is almost exactly 38 years, two days, and one hour after the fire engines rolled up to extinguish the fire in the instructor’s apartment. Fortunately, neither the instructor nor his roommate were present at the time.

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AOA, the Addled Old Admirals

EOA, the Eructatious Odorous Aeronauts

POA, the Pet Ownership Allure (two separate instances of this one)

DOA, the Dead On Arrival

IOA, the Idiots Of America

MOO, Cows of the World, Unite!

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