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Lord Liaden

What do you really think of Champions Online?

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Re: What do you really think of Champions Online?


Perfect World doesn't care about Champions. Folks playing that game are just another number generating micro transactions. Cryptic, never been impressed with even back when they were the driving force behind City of Heroes. To much Cookie Cutter stuff to get the LCD folks playing, then use that cash to go develop the next game, often sponging off the infrastructure of the game folks are already playing.


While I play CO, I spend more time on the costume/character generator then the actual game anymore. It's just gotten very watered down for me. Was hoping I could find an RP group but no such luck, and farming the grind all day bores me. Mostly I wish I CO was the character generator, attached to Hero Designer and poof, there's my guy and I got a HERO sheet to run with...


If it were closer to even the more disjointed CU stuff I'd probably like it more, but it still feels like what it is in reality. The Re-skinned Marvel MMO, with Viper instead of Hydra, and Grond living in the desert instead of the Hulk etc etc .....


I still play it though, even pay for it instead of the F2P, but the Cryptic Method of Making things better is just to add more Shiny twinkly bits and stuff that glows instead of fixing things like oh, The Tails on the Lemurians so they don't point straight up as they swim, things like that. Got my fingers crossed that the stat changes and stuff change up the game play a bit to make it interesting. Some of the newer changes have at least made me consider spending some of the pile of CP I have saved up but there's a lot of the same old boring repetitive drek and lack of interaction and well, the MMO crowd so mostly, I stick with the costume creator then try and figure out a way to get a good screen shot to use it as an art piece for a real HERO game....


I've said before. Ask for a Crayon, and we build them a Crayola Factory. That's the HERO way. Ask Cryptic for a Crayon, and they just give you the tip. Archer style.



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