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A scion of Dapple execs, Barney Moses was exposed to computers and electronics all his life. After a life saving operation where electronics were placed in his brain to help him control his own body's functions, Barney altered the mechanism to give him control of machinery in his presence. Turning into a hacker who could be anywhere, and unleashing his fury as the ransomware master, the RED SEA was the next step


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Jones Joins is the brick Hammerhead. A member of the wrecking crew, he practically ignored everyone and everything except for smashing through walls and support collems. He miscalculated his survivabi

I'm sorry but I had to......   Clad in a tartan suit including a tartan fedora and carrying a tartan Thompson sub-machine gun comes The Loch Ness Mobster. Originally from Inverness Antonio M

Snapdragon   After spending 20 years in Stronghold's 'Hot Sleep,' this notorious late 70s, WITCH-associate supervillain retired to a commune in the Santa Cruz hills.  Since her pyrokinetic p

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Just a kid, approx 15 years old, and the single child of wealthy parents.  Jason Bowler was a brat and used to love manipulating the others at his school into doing things for him.


When his mental powers manifested he thought he'd just gotten good at getting people to do as he wanted not realizing that it was the work of his mutant powers.


Mind Tap has no super abilities other than his Mind Control (20d6) with fully invisible effects.  He likes to dress up in 1920's clothing and go robbing banks priding himself on never hurting others.

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Growing up, Tammy Stork always got everything she wanted from her billionaire inventor daddy.  That eventually included his company Stork Enterprises, a controlling interest of which she inherited when he died in a car crash.  Unfortunately, Tammy has zero business sense and she quickly ran the company into the ground, though her father had known well enough to put some money into a trust fund that she couldn't touch, along with his penthouse apartment atop Stork Tower.  However, she couldn't live the high life she had enjoyed.


Exploring her new home one day, she discovered hidden stairs leading down to Tony's secret lab.  There, she discovered that he had secretly been the armored superhero known as Titan.  She ordered the lab's AI to modify one of his Titan suits to fit her.  And thus was Titaness born.  She doesn't know how to use about 70% of the various goodies in her battlesuit, but she's learned the basics of flying, super-strength, and firing her palm blasters.  Of course, she didn't see much point in dedicating herself to helping others like her poor misguided father.  Titaness does what she wants and takes what she wants and generally has a great time.


Something familiar about the father. :whistle: 

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The millennial


Theo Sands is 16 years old and was born famous for all the wrong reasons. he was conceived in a cult compound. his mother was impregnated by the cults ancient master on the stroke of midnight 1999. The old man died of a heart attack at completion ofthe act.


the rest of the cult took that as a sign and went out in a terrible orgy of murder and suicide leaving theo’s mother the sole living member.


she was traumatized and committed to a high security mental facility. Theo grew up with his wealthy grandparents in California.


Theo was always a little odd he talked about his imaginary friend an old man in amazing robes and he always seemed to know things a child of his age shouldn't he asked the usual kid questions but to the air and after listening for a while he would say oh that makes sense.


His grandparents were worried and sent him to the best child psychologists initially they diagnosed him with a variety of trauma related conditions but seemingly overnight he seemed to improve soon he was the very model of mental health.


When he went to school he was disruptive because he found the classes boring able to answer all the teachers questions and actually give more complete answers than asked for at first he was entered into an accelerated learning program before his grandparents hired a tutor and had him home schooled.


by 12 he was doing his first online undergrad degree in ancient history.


at 14 he was at caltech doing another undergraduate degree in computer science for the first time in his life he struggled but his arrogant attitude and confidence in his own superiority carried him through.


at 15 his he sold the film rights to his first bestselling novel about an immortal genius solving unsolvable mysteries from ancient Egypt to modern New York. He was now a millionaire in his own right.


Now at 16 he travels the world visiting the best restaurants a attending the best cultural events and being linked to the world's most beautiful teenage celebrities.


Somehow he's still found time to conduct an archeological dig that uncovered previously lost Egyptian temple complex launch an Internet start-up publish another novel a popular science book and a scholarly treatise on the book of the dead.


All this hides Theo’s secret his imaginary friend never left and was very real.


Five millennia before a priest of the Egyptian God of wisdom and magic Thoth was growing old and bitter at the thought he would never have time to learn a fraction of what was to be learned.


He formed a pact his descendants would have extended lifespans each living for 1000 years and his consciousness would exist passed down from one generation to the next.


The ancient consciousness that is bonded to him has seen the rise and fall of civilizations the birth of every science and learned every mystical tradition.


Theo is still developing his skills but is already a competent magician and martial artist he commits crime for the thrills and to acquire secrets and mystical artifacts. He wears a costume based on the vestments of a priest of Thoth and a full face golden mask seemingly without eye holes.

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@@ or AT-AT, Albert Taylor has the power of bilocation, he is able to be in two places at once he can manifest his duplicate which he calls Bert anywhere he can see.


Bert acts as a teleporter for the team disappearing and reappearing seemingly at random .


meanwhile Al acts as the lookout keeping an eye out for the authorities from a good vantage point.


As Al and Bert are really the same person they share a perfect mental link so he can instantly communicate what he sees to the team.


Albert has put a lot of effort into developing his tactical sense because of his role and is now an avid wargamer and RTS player.

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Danle Sans is the Tie-Fighter. He is an expert martial artist who is able to channel his ki through silk (and only silk). He uses his silk ties to channel his ki through to strike, cut, and deflect. And he carries many of them hidden in his silk three piece suits.


His standard costume is a buisnessman's outfit of a silk three piece suite, white silk shirt, clipon silk tie, and a silk mask which is a tie with eye holes cut out of it.

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Turbo Laser


Tony Lazzerini always had impulse control problems he grew up in Jersey city committing petty crimes he got into street racing to fund it he started stealing cars loved going fast.


He was reckless and impulsive during a high speed chase he drove to hard and plunged into the toxic waste storage tank of a chemical plant.


When he pulled himself out of the burning ooze he found he was unharmed.


Tony now has powers and is even more impulsive than before he is a fairly standard flying energy projector able to fly at high speed and fire bolts of red energy from both hands.


Tony is in it for the thrills the money and the villain groupies. As long as he gets a chance for fun he will follow orders but if he gets the opportunity to chase/race another flyer or speedster through the urban canyons he will drop his actual mission to do that. The team tends to give him that as a job to avoid him going off plan.

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Storm Trooper is a vaguely faceless mook for the group. His main power is to use water to travel along. During a storm, he can easily travel miles, attack different targets at the same time, penetrate all but the most waterproofed security. The fact that he can also use weapons with his power if not well puts him in the dangerous level of a confrontation.


The problem is if he doesn't have any water, then he is stuck depending on others for cover and support.


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Star Destroyer


Tarquin Moffat The star destroyer a name that struck fear into the hearts of A list celebrities and their agents Tarquin was the premier gossip hound in LA if there was a scandal he'd find it and expose it. Things were going great for Tarquin, sure everyone hated him but the public loved his exposes of the rich and famous.



It didn't last though. some wannabe starlet commits suicide because of him linking her to a married star and he's in court getting sued by her family all bankrolled by a group of ticked off agents.

It got worse the private eyes hired by the plaintiff discovered his two greatest secrets the first was that he didn't publish all his stories he kept a bunch of the juicier ones for himself and was blackmailing half of Hollywood.



The second was how he got his scoops it turned out Tarquin was a telepath he hung around the haunts of the famous and gleaned surface thoughts for his stories . Which is how a pudgy gossip journalist ended up in strong hold. 3 years later a harder meaner Tarquin escaped during a prison riot and ended up joining the dark side.



Tarquin is now heavily muscled needing to protect himself inside and has a bunch of prison tatts his originally potent but unrefined telepathy has been improved and he has added limited precognition, mind control and telekinesis to his repertoire.



He wears a black leather outfit and because he is very aware of the benefits of a strong brand he has a insignia of a golden five pointed star merged with the safety symbol for explosives so one arm is in pieces and lines are shooting off to the right.

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Edgar Manus wanted to steal large amounts of gold easily, so he built a pair of magnetic gauntlets. With them he could pull metals to him from great distances. It wasn't until he was attacked by a superhero that he discovered the gauntlets were much more powerful when repelling metal. So he outfitted himself with several iron ball bearings made relatively weightless by magnetic force and started a life of supervilliany as Ramtractor.



The Evil Emissaries


Somewhere deep in space sits a being feared throughout the universe. Though this creature has never been seen, it has destroyed countless worlds, and is spoken of as the Evil One. Turning it's attention to Earth, it sent six black globes to the planet. Seeming nothing more than unusual rocks the did nothing. That is until a "good" person revealed a flaw near them. A moment of greed, lust, happiness at anothers misfortune. Then the globe activated. It enhanced both the flaw in the so called good persons personality and gave them vast power. Each effected know the Evil One has granted them this power, and wants them to work together to conquer the world. And while they do work together temporarily, they may have their own plans. It matters not to the Evil One. He has corrupted six good people who will wreak havoc on the planet. And the Evil One will learn much before its next attack on the planet. Who are these six agents of destruction?

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Mr Furious


The flaw activated here was the result of road rage. A minor traffic incident, harsh words exchanged and punches thrown. The globe enhanced the anger and the motorist who was just a normal man became Mr Furious. Stronger and now slightly invulnerable, he gives off waves of anger which affects those fighting him making it difficult for him to be fought. He is not a beserker but will target those who have angered him.

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Ms. Fortunate


Her flaw was secretly rejoicing in the misfortune of others.  She worked for the church taking food and clothing to the poor, but she quietly believed that made her an innately better person than them.  The globe not only enhanced that feeling, it also gave her the power to alter probabilities to make bad things happen to others no matter how unlikely those things might be.  Though not actually a nun, she wears an outfit very much like like a nun's habit, leading some to call her Nun Fortunate.

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Dr Payne.


First do no harm is the core sentiment of the hypocratic oath. Dr Ernest Payne was a psychologist who helped victims of crime and violence to recover from there trauma. But deep inside he took a thrill from the emotional pain he witnessed.


when the orb activated he gained the ability to trap people in there own personal hell looping their worst moments and feeding on the emotional pain generated as he watches their nightmares.

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Lady Lust.


Latisha Lane was a quite bookish librarian no one would have suspected her of being the author of some of the most sordid erotica on the Internet.


The orb transformed her body and mind she is now a buxom sex pot her powers are a potent pheromone that can cause Lust in men and women and razor sharp nails that secrete a toxin that causes uncontrollable ecstacy.


The toxin is addictive it requires great fortitude and will power to resist the lure of another tryst with Lady Lust.

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The Paindemic


This villain is a paramedic who one fateful day wished he could cause more pain than he cured after he came across selfish gang bangers who had injured each other in a stupid confrontation. Their bragging rights got to the paramedic who honestly wished them dead as that would solve their problems and those of society. The orb activated and allowed him to cause more physical pain than that which was relieved. He then found out that he could cause more pain if the victim was undeserving of such pain. And his corruption was complete when he tested this.


New Team, Dinosaurama: The Marine edition


Previously we did a team of dinosaurs. Now  we do the marine edition. 4-5 water dwelling dinosaur types. So plesiosauria and ichthysaurs are allowed but not land animals who come to water 

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