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Jason Hooveres was born a mutant, with an astounding sense of smell and incredibly sharp fingernails.  (And by "incredibly sharp," I mean he can cut steel with them.)  He's let them grow to the point that they extend a good inch or two beyond his fingertips -- "All the better to cut you with," as he likes to say.  Jason can sniff out a target, then shred it to pieces.  Because of this combination, he is known as the Blood Hound.  He especially likes working with Bernard, as he can use his amazing nose to sniff out snow-blind targets in the middle of one of Bernard's snowstorms.


- - - - - - - - - - -


New Team:  The Rail Barons / Baronesses


These five supervillains are connected in some way (name, powers, or background) to railroads, whether real railroads or toy trains, or personnel working on a train.

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Cross Tie


Hermann Haupt, once the chief engineer of the Pennsylvania Railroad, became chief of construction and transportation in the Virginia theater of operations. President Lincoln was counting on him to keep the army supplied but despite his best efforts, the Union army kept losing battles and supply bottlenecks threatened to extend the war indefinitely.


Hermann kept at his job, driving his men without mercy, but nothing worked. Growing alternately despondent and angry, he drunkenly swore that he would sell his soul to the Devil himself if it would keep the trains moving and bring about a lasting Union victory.


But even Haupt isn't sure if it was the Devil himself or some other entity which appeared to him next.


A deal was struck, a bargain made, and within hours the trains suddenly began running on time regardless of whatever obstacles appeared.  Haupt's despondency disappeared but in its place he felt a darkness growing, threatening to consume him.


At the very moment of the signing of the surrender at Appomattox, the last remnants of Haupt's soul shredded and he became a driven embodiment of destruction.


In the years after the war, a circle of mystics managed to contain him but only at great cost to themselves. More recently, a dark ritual at a monument to the Union victory released Haupt to once against walk the Earth...this time as the villain Cross Tie.



Cross Tie appears as a giant of a man, close to seven feet tall. Inhumanly muscular, wild hair, flickering ebon eyes.


massive amount of strength



RKA conjured railroad spikes 

Entangle of conjured twisted rails (AoE one hex)

flight (plus run, swim, leap) with train sound effects (especially noticeable)

Deflection with the special effect of conjured cross ties or rails batting away the attacks.


Stretching by swinging around a conjured rail (no fine manipulation)


Regeneration with resurrection

Life Support: immortal, heat/cold, radiation, no breathing, eating, or sleeping required


tiny VPP for minor magic effects, just a few tricks he's learned because he's been around the block a few times




WF Firearms

WF Bayonettes

TF Steam trains

TF: Horse, wagon


Perk: West Point alumni association (yeah, like you are seriously going to try to tell him he can't be a member just because he's a demon of some sort)



Distinctive features: his build and eyes

small vulnerability to holy objects (relics, not holy water)

Unfamiliar with modern world (note he is unfamiliar because he didn't live through most of it. Unlike some demonic entities, he's perfectly willing to learn about light switches so after he's in the world a while, he will buy off this limitation or change it to just being unfamiliar with pop culture)


His preferred tactics are to close with whichever ground-bound opponent it looks like he could crush easily. If opponents try to stay out of range, he will RKA or Entangle. He's also likely to pick up and use any mystic or modern weapons found in his path, especially if he isn't familiar with it, just to see what it will do. He's not very fond of automobiles or aircraft of any sort and will use his casual strength to walk right through one if its in his path. Or waste his phase to destroy one even if it isn't particularly in his path. He will monologue on both the deplorable forms of modern transportation (as opposed to trains) and the glories of which can be had by devoting your life (or afterlife) to destruction.


He's not terribly concerned about taking damage and will endure a lot of punishment if that's what it takes to dish out some pain to a hero. He's also not very concerned about being captured because in his experience, someone will come along to release him...many times thinking he's a mindless beast and that they can control him. But while he is an engine of destruction, he is far from mindless and still has access to many of his human emotions and all of his memories.


Even though he is destructive, his goal seems to be more geared toward generating terror and disruption in populated areas rather than deliberately running up a body count or destroying things in remote locations. That has caused various mystics to wonder whether the emotions of innocent bystanders are fueling his undying powers in some manner....

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The Locomotive


The Locomotive dresses like an old fashion train engineer in blue and white striped coveralls and hat with a red scarf.  He has no powers but hes a rather big bulky person who knows how to throw a punch (a few maneuvers from Dirty Infighting or Boxing and the charge maneuver).  His favorite maneuver is yelling "Toot! Toot!  All aboard!  The Supervillain express coming for packback on track 5!" and charging the hero.


His origin was he was an older teenager playing with his toy trains when a superhero broke in and rescued him from a fire in the apartment building.  When he asked the hero to save his beloved train set, the Hero said "Grow up and get a job!"  A few years later, at a supervillain owned club where the teenager worked as a cooler, he sees the superhero again making trouble in the bar beating up the other bouncers and threatening the owner.  He yells his catch phrase and charges the superhero who  is puzzled by the strange soliloquy.  The hit was far stronger than the superhero was expecting and he was knocked through a plate glass window of the bar.  The owner after hearing the story of the cooler and being fairly impressed with his size and skill gave him the training and equipment to be a lead henchmen.  The Locomotive has gone on his own to be a strange and minor supervillain on his own might but he and the supervillain night club owner are still very close in a father-son mentor sort of way, still exchanging letters while the night club owner is in jail.



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Here is the inspiration



The Flying Scotsman


Beware my son the train obsessed stereotype villain, The Flying Scotsman. He can fly under his own power and has be known to wear a kilt (much to the horror of the police) and traditional Scots headgear. He also adheres to the Scot's stereotype of being miserly, drinking too much and making people eat haggis. He is known to steal trains, either full size ones or models, and their rolling stock. People who have train names or some relations to the railways is also a target.

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Gold spike 


everyone knows that the transcontinental railroad was completed with a golden spike. what most people don't know is that there where four ties Two gold, one silver and one iron with silver and gold plating.  only the whereabouts of three are known the fourth golden spike was stolen from the News-letter newspaper in San Francisco shortly before the 1906 earthquake. the spike is a potent magical artefact containing mystical energy syphoned from decades of transcontinental travel. its current wielder is able to perform some incredible magic by harnessing its power. she can spike people locking them in place teleport anywhere in the continental US with a  rail line, slow down time for victims like a never-ending train journey, but mostly she just uses it as a telekinetic bludgeon. she dresses in a steampunk-inspired bodysuit .

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Cecil the Sea Serpent


Appears as a sock-puppet version of a giant sea serpent. Usually commits hijackings and robberies at sea and various mischief in port cities. Very well connected and oddly popular to the public, particularly little kids. Plays to the crowds whenever there's an audience to his crimes.


Little is known of Cecil's past. He made his first impact on public awareness by hijacking the RMS Queen Mary during a Magic the Gathering Pro Tour event in Long Beach, California. Cecil's plan was to seize the ship and sail it to Tahiti while taking all those sweet, sweet Magic cards and ransoming the famous players back to their respective governments.


Unfortunately for him, his first problem turned out to be that the Queen May's engines have been removed and the ship is permanently in dock. Even more unfortunately for him, the Protectors arrived on the scene much more quickly than anyone could have anticipated.


Needless to say, neither being bright nor being lucky are among Cecil's skill set. But over time he has become a better planner, coming up with scheme after scheme to keep he and his companions in the public spotlight.


+3d6 Striking Appearance


Life Support (water breathing, high pressure, intense cold)

Regeneration (including "limbs" and resurrection)


The Ancient Serpent-Fu Martial Arts

Choke Hold

Defensive Strike

Martial Dodge

Martial Grab

Martial Disarm

Martial Throw

Martial Strike

weapons element sword (for that piratey feel)







Defense maneuver (1, 2, and 3)

Disguise (so that you don't notice that he's a giant sock puppet sea serpent when he wants to go incognito)


Riding: Sea serpents (learned while a little fellow)


Sleight of Hand (Sleight of Mouth?)




Ventriloquism (most often used for speaking clearly while holding something with his mouth)


Reputation: Wildly popular scoundrel (large group 8-)


Vehicle: Leakin' Lena (a small ocean-going vessel)


Bump of Direction

Environmental Movement: water



Traveler (except in outer space where it is "Traveller")


Contact: Davey Cricket (survivalist)

Contact: Go Man Van Gogh (artist)

Contact: Harecules (low-power super-genius who owns a rocket ship, the Guided Muscle)

Contact: Jacques the Knife (fence, former gang banger)

Contact: Shlepalong Catskill (waiter, usually in seedy bars)

Contact: Stogie Bear (crooked cop)

Contact: Peking Tom (homeless busker who hears everything in the city)


Most of his contacts also owe him favors.



DNPC Beany (Cecil's flying sidekick/lookout as powerful 14)

DNPC Captain Horatio Huffenpuff and Crowy the navigator (less powerful 8 )

Physical limitation: Seasickness

Physical limitation: Serpent body has no hands, uses his mouth or body for manipulating items

Rival: Honest John (as powerful)


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He looks like a ventriloquist's dummy but it is evil. Maybe it is a demon or had a soul transfer like Chucky but this is something very malign. It will allow itself to be manipulated unless someone tries to throw it into a fire or a crusher for example. It can do impersonations of other dummies like Lord Charles (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Alan) but not Fats the dummy from the film Magic ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_(1978_film))

or Hugo the dummy from the film Dead of Night (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_of_Night). It has some mind control ability but knows how to work around its size disadvantage 

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Allison Francis is a mentalist but can only dominate puppets.  She was a star in the simpler days of television but the medium soon out grew her and the puppets she abused for fame.  Now, with bills piling up and her control limited only to puppets and no work available, she has searched either for beloved puppets to besmirch or evil puppets to team up with to gain money for her new project: Puppet Porno.


Based on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kukla,_Fran_and_Ollie

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5 hours ago, dsatow said:

Allison Francis is a mentalist but can only dominate puppets.  She was a star in the simpler days of television but the medium soon out grew her and the puppets she abused for fame.  Now, with bills piling up and her control limited only to puppets and no work available, she has searched either for beloved puppets to besmirch or evil puppets to team up with to gain money for her new project: Puppet Porno.


Based on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kukla,_Fran_and_Ollie


I'd wondered who was responsible for Team America: World Police....

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Dr.  Samuel Hand


A former murder for hire and serial killer.  After he found a way to specially treat corpses to prevent decay indefinitely, he allowed his evil impulses to come through and be the remorseless killer he secretly fantasized to be, and now turns his victims into his own army of puppets (puppetry was a childhood hobby), it is rumored he has done this even to his own body. (can control as many puppets as he likes but the more the less effective due to dividing attention)



Note: Inspired from the character Sasori (see Naruto)





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Alexa DeSoto was raised in a strict middle class family.  From her earliest memories all that she ever wanted was to be a ballerina dancer.  To make this come about, her family looked around for schools that they were able to afford, even if it meant go I into debt.  Everything seemed to be going great.  She was even visited by a talent scout for the premiere company in the state who hired her after one interview.  Then several months later during one of her performances, there was an explosion.  The investigation pinned it on her and the company blacklisted her and attempted to arrest her.  However, before the charges could be formalized, all records and evidence disappeared, so everything was dropped except the blacklist.  Today, she desires revenge on the industry and society that she feels wrongs her in several different manners.

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Undine Barr is the world's greatest escape artist. Finding that it was harder for her to compete among the male magicians and escape artists even with her patented underwater chain milk can glass case straightjacket shark cage sharks escape. She turned to a life of crime as the Keymaster.


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Beauregard Chambers was a successful off-Broadway stage director until his increasingly violent actions against actors and stage crew finally caught up with him.  He was eventually shunned by every theater group after his violent outburst caused a popular young actress to kill herself.  (What nobody knew is that he is actually a mentalist and commanded her to do herself in after she threatened to have him arrested for assault.)  Now as Playright (no, that's not mis-spelled), he directs the actions of others to his whims.

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Lucinda van Ungeheuer, former operatic alto whose voice was too powerful for her contemporaries; she overpowered the voices of all her leading men, and no one would work with her.  After developing her borderline superhuman-power voice, she has gone into burglary, property destruction, and kidnapping to support herself.   Any sort of sonic or ultrasonic device gets overloaded and burns out when she hits that high C-sharp, and it's very convenient that she can shatter the armor glass covers over jewels in shops and museums.  It's that last ability that produces her supervillain handle, Breakage.

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Nowadays there are a lot of things that you cannot do in the National Football League. Clipping, horse tackling, helmet hitting, yanking by the face mask, roughing the passer/kicker or just the plain personal foul. Dwight Enshaw did all of these and that is why he got kicked out of the NFL tout suite. He returned to action under the nom de plume Personal Foul in what resembles football equipment. He is the brick and fighter of the team.


New Team: The Four Feathers


Four people with a feather motif in a team

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Squawk !


Some people think it is a guy in a bird suit. No. It is a birdman He can carry more than a normal human could and his divebombing attack can severely injure one or more targets. Squawk ! is not the brightest of the group but he is cunning and bloodthirsty when he needs to be.

Some also point to a possible creation by a certain mad scientist/sorcerer pointing out the exclamation mark as definite proof. But this has not been proved. Yet.

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Donald Fletcher was a master of the regional archery club.  He was on his way to winning another competition with the club one day when someone driving DUI nearly hit their van,making them go off the road.  After the ensuing crash, Fletcher discovered that he could generate and project feathers that act exactly like arrows.  Now he tries to prove that he is the ultimate archer around and at the same time humiliate the heroes as Fletcher.

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