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2 hours ago, unclevlad said:

The alternate dimension in which twin brothers Carlos and Julio Sanchez-Aguayo grew up is generally very much like our own;  there ore of course differences, but the broad strokes are largely the same.  One notable difference relates to their birth land, Mexico.  At the end of WW II, a group of heroes...not individually powerful, but surprisingly numerous and coherent...banded together to systemically root out the corruption and promote the Mexican people.  By the end of the millenium, Mexico was hailed as one of the most progressive, safe, and free countries in the world.


Carlos and Julio were geeky science/math college guys, interning at the Institute of Experimental Physics in La Paz, Baja Sur when The Incident happened.  Something went beyond haywire, past FUBAR, and well into the realm of "no one is gonna believe this!!!"  A dimensional rift somehow was formed, sucking in several team members including the lads.  The passage across dimensions twisted everyone and everything caught in the area;  most died, often in extremely grotesque ways.  The boys did not die.  


Team:  Quantum Force

Number:  2

Theme:  elementary forces
Motivation:  get home if possible (best guess...not possible), barring that...help clean up Mexico, root out the drug lords, the police corruption, all that stuff.  God gave their Mexico a gift;  it must he His Will to share it.
PROBLEM:  their powers are a little too.........deadly.  


Carlos goes by Flash.  Yes, he's in Mexico, he can tell DC to lump it.  His power is the photonic side of electromagnetism...anything from radio frequencies to gamma radiation.  Invisibility, Images, Darkness, Sight and radio flashes.  And RKAs...x-ray and gamma lasers tend to be messy.  His combat form is not entirely solid.


Julio goes by Sizzle.  His power is also electromagnetic, but on the electrical and magnetic side.  His combat form seethes with crackling static (and the associated ozone) that hurts almost anyone else (but not his brother).  He mixes hand to hand with magnetic-pulse ranged attacks.


Both can fly;  Carlos can for brief moments convert entirely into light, and then move at lightspeed.  He can extend this power to his brother ONLY.  This makes catching the two...rather difficult.  (Rules-wise, since FTL doesn't work in atmosphere, treat as huge Megascale Teleport, with the extra phase being perhaps a state transition to the full-light form.)


Part of the problem is they're just not nearly as well trained as they need to be and *want* to be.  They're pretty good kids;  killing does NOT sit well.  The DEA, and heroes along the Mexican border, are watching...and possibly offering up assistance and training on the QT.  The Mexican government's stance is mixed.

Are either of these guys martial artists because that's what we need to fill out the second Zen Team


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28 minutes ago, csyphrett said:

Are either of these guys martial artists because that's what we need to fill out the second Zen Team



No.  Sizzle's HTH would be using taser takedown blows.  Their concepts are pretty much just raw POWER.

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