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 Yoshio Inaba is a defensive and tactical fighter a former JSDF special forces sniper until he was wounded by  super powered terrorist causing his rifle to explode with a thought he lost his right eye most of the vision in his left his right  arm from the elbow and serious facial scaring. he would spend the next 2 years undergoing multiple surgeries and recovering as part of the process his Physical therapist convinced him to take up archery to help him develop his off hand dexterity coordination and strength. his previous experience as a sniper allowed him to develop his skill rapidly until he found himself representing japan in the special Olympics and winning the Gold.


His story was taken up by  the media which resulted in a large Industrial company approachinghim to be a test patient for an advanced cybernetics system they where developing.


he was an excellent candidate for the program and his Right eye was replaced with an advanced Cybernetic offering multiple vision modes and telescopic vision (the damage to his left having mostly been healed/repaired) his right arm was replaced with a prosthetic limb that not only had full dexterity but beyond human strength.


his recovery was shown off at a company press conference when his life would change again three super villains attacked to kidnap the projects Lead scientist he had his bow and a quiver full of arrows though in the end he only required three well aimed shots to put down all three despite their powers.  The company saw an opportunity to create their own superhero and Yoshio saw an opportunity to serve his country once more.


Now as Totategumo The Trapdoor spider he is the tactical specialist of the team mostly know for his bow and selection of specialized arrows his real secret is his gift for preparing the battle field using a combination of grenades mines and his smart camouflage coat that allows him to control the battlefield striking from ambush and guiding enemies away from civilians and towards his more straight forward team mates.

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Freakboy6117 seems to be absent, so I'll give us one: The Legion of Progress


Five people enhanced by technology and science. They seek to show how every human could benefit from these technologies, by providing aid to others, disaster relief and support for the police in cases of supercrime.

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I thought that we had done this recently but Technoplex were explorers..


You Can't Stop the Signalman


This is a Firefly fan who can send out comms through any impediment. No Electromagnetic Pulse  or dead zone can stop it. This enables rescue personnel and the police to get effective and quicker responses to emergencies. He also wears a suit that either absorbs or deflects projectiles as some people just can't stand to be thwarted and try and murder the messenger.


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Oh, I know it's not my turn - but I just had to do this (before I forget, I'm old), cause I thought of it when reading the thread name, and couldn't (wait for my turn, cause I'd forget; did I say that?) help myself:


The Great Googly Moogly's


As in: "Great googly moogly" is an expression that had been uttered by Willie Dixon in Howlin' Wolf's 1961 recording of "Going Down Slow".


I think the fun is that the theme is whatever comes to your mind from the name...  May the mayhem begin.  You're welcome.

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Continuing with the Legion of Progress before we move to the GGM's.


Avant Guardian


Nestor Delgado is an artist who through experimentation with a wide variety of techniques discovered his bizarre creations have the power to greatly change those who view and experience them. He first started using his art as therapy for people with psychological issues. The results were extraordinary in helping these individuals. Next he got involved in criminal rehabilitation and again had unprecedented positive results. He has continued to expand his reach and help people with his wholly unique works of art. He has attempted to pass on his techniques and skills, but there seems to be something special about him...hidden mutant ability, magic, spiritual influence? No one can say, but he is determined to continue to aid humanity's growth and transcendence with his abilities.

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Paige Lari, reclusive co-founder of tech titan, Moogle, best know for its descending order of morality search result algorithm, retired in 2019 to become a superhero named after her company's popular operating system.

As Gynoid, Paige sports a custume, battlesuit, or perhaps holographic forcefield projection, of a glowing blue, idealized, statuesque female form topped with her undisguised notoriously nerdy face including her trademark rectangular reading glasses. 

In combat or emergency situations, she produces powerful blasts, fields, and persistent energy constructs that behave much like solid objects.

While her head is always visible it's actually protected by a virtually invisible fishbowl helmet or force globe.

Whatever sufficiently-advanced technology she uses seems to blur the line between energy and matter.

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A gold-tone art deco robotoid reminiscent of Metropolis (and thus C3PO, who was notoriously inspired by the robot therefrom), who speaks with a rich, cultured, but metallic voice, like Sidney Poitier reciting Shakespeare with a bucket on his head, C2-Shining-C was created by a very elderly 'mad' ("but I have tenure!") scientist, with programming to match his retro-aesthetic, as a legacy that would carry on the highest ideals of Manifest Destiny,  Patriotism and Progress, and donated by said scientist to the Legion of Progress.   

C2SC is literally colorblind - his photoreceptors register only the presence or absence of light in the visible spectrum, he uses radar for targeting and hearing (voice recognition) & touch (fingerprints) to identify individuals - and is programmed to acknowledge only current citizenship as a valid way to classify different groups of human beings.   Similarly, his moral and ethical programming is strictly black & white, persons are either law-breaking or law-abiding, either moral or immoral, patriotic or un-American.   Or, at least, the way he expresses it is.  When confusing shades of grey come up, he seems to ignore them, yet still make a fair judgement, sometimes just by choosing the order in which he processes the pros and cons of their behavior, similarly, when Patriotism comes up, he falls back on his own version of the "No True American" fallacy, thus he has judged noble-intentioned refugees 'True Americans' and vindictive flag-suited hyper-nationalists 'un-American.'  Likewise, his idea of "Progress" seems very old-fashioned - industrialization and growth is progress - yet he always seems to rationalize, with a little old-fashioned conservationist rhetoric, respect for the environment.   Whether he's overcome his programming, or it was always that nuanced is an open question.  

C2SCs powers include robotic super-strength, self-repair regeneration (from the tiniest scrap, apparently), rocket-assisted flight, and EM energy projection, including both blasts and force-fields, as well as electromagnetic TK.   His systems are entirely analog, rendering him unable to interface with modern computers & technology - and quite immune to hacking attempts - but giving him a mind so human-like it can be contacted telepathically - in fact, some who have done so are convinced he is a cyborg, a human brain in a robot body, and his old-timey-robot manner is either an act or a matter of how his sub-systems were designed.  




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Kinetic Dad


Using a black & neon-green battlesuit covered in reconfigurable advanced carbon composite leaf springs, Kinetic Dad is able to move, impact, and recoil as a near-perfectly-elastic object.  As such he is virtually immune to normal physical damage.  Though he gets knocked around like a pinball in the process, he can often control his careening enough to redirect the kinetic energy of attacks into his foes. 

But Kinetic Dad is less in The Legion of Progress for advanced carbon composite leaf springs, and more to promote social change, specifically the acceptance of single parents and the importance of fatherhood (earning him some unwelcome MRA fans). His superhero banter tends to extra-lame "Dad jokes," and fatherly advice.



Nils Linnorm, aside from being about as Straight, White, and Male as humanly possible (blame that 'Viking' DNA), was as progressive and sensitive a "90s man" as any other Gen-X guy coming of age in that decade.   He was into extreme sports, serial monogamy, striking a healthy work-life balance, and looking good doing it all.  By 25 he had a masters in engineering, a nice tech job, and an unexpectedly beautiful and ambitious wife, Marisol, a would-be model, but as the millennium approached life got real, they had two kids in rapid succession, Marisol took her career behind the camera, and it took off, while the first tech crash left him under-employed, so increasingly he put his kids first... he blinked and his wife was gone, his kids in college, and he was an empty nester with time on his hands.  He took a research gig at a tiny startup, invented a revolutionary new carbon-composite material, and before he knew it, they were bought out, and money wasn't a worry any more.  When he was able to run down a petty thief at a farmer's market while out powerbocking, he got the idea for Kinetic Dad.


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Sorry to run it out, but it seemed like it had been a while... and this came up in another thread...


The Rainbow Warriors


A local street-level supers team in San Francisco reporting directly to the Mayor & City Council as part of a policing alternative pilot program.  


6 members, exhaustively vetted to assure acceptability and representation of the City's diversity, each alluding to a color of the basic rainbow pride flag:








(Unless someone really wants to be the Indigo Somethingorother, or tackle the 5 additional colors of the Progress flag)



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