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Abjurer: Unyielding battering rams. They don't take "no" for an answer, but are more than capable of telling others "no" and not backing down. Abjurers are useful in situations with straightforward obstacles; they often find a way to push through or stand firm. However, the Abjurer finds it difficult to grapple with matters of compromise.
Conjurer: Inveterate leaders. Taking charge of a situation comes easily to them; taking orders - on the other hand - can be a struggle. Also, they tend to favor the "big picture" over the smaller details.
Diviner: Subtly persistent busybodies. To them, personal space and privacy are always negotiable boundaries because information is always a negotiable commodity. Paranoia is a possible side effect of their hyper-awareness.
Enchanter: Charming schemers. If they aren't looking for an angle, they soon will be...no matter the situation. They feel naked when there isn't another personality in the room to manipulate. Anything or anyone incapable of being dominated is distrusted more than usual.
Illusionist: Deceptive figmentweavers. Those who aren't compulsive liars nevertheless drop tiny falsehoods the way a gluttonous nobleman drops crumbs. Paradoxically, they place little stock in outward appearances while enjoying the skill put into a facade.
Invoker: Energetic extroverts. Because of their somewhat impulsive nature, they are thought of as dense...despite the fact that - on paper - they are just as intelligent as other mages. Even if they aren't aggressively malicious, they are more inclined to choose options that result in greater incidental damage.
Necromancer: Reserved and grim. Though not always evil, they usually opt not to dispel assumptions which in turn breeds suspicion. Those intimately acquainted with the forces of life and death are also less likely to get hung up on taboos of all sorts.
Transmuter: Restless perfectionists. If nothing grand requires their attention, they're liable to create problems (even minor ones) that need solving; a Transmuter alone in their room will rearrange something that doesn't need rearranging. The ephemeral nature of the universe may cause someone to feel an existential crisis, but they see it as a comforting affirmation that anything can change.

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Stargate expresses that those who try to cheat ascension do not obtain it. Consider that the Replicators decided to become energy to speed up ascension; it's not clear whether they would eventually gain the ability to ascend. You're a mathematician...that makes you formulaic in thinking, not scientific. As you said, either your logic is flawed or your facts are incomplete.


But, you are a Christian; that precludes logical thinking. To accept Jesus as the son of God, you have to put him above the other noted historical characters who were also born by a virgin at Christmas (Saturnalia as the Romans called it, Alban Arthan as the Celts called it) and who also healed the sick not to mention rose from the dead. There's a significant number of these figures in mythology.


The Bible itself is logical fallacy (especially the pointless Genesis story). Humans are given free will with no knowledge of pain, death, disease or any other bad consequential actions. God, a being that knows what is and what will be, then says "Don't eat from that tree there." They eat from the tree and suddenly understand true consequences. They understand what good and bad is (something that was hidden to them before) and then are punished for it...as if God did not know this would happen.


You basically lack knowledge of actual psychology and understanding of the human function of intelligence. So, from a clinical psychologist, let me correct you: sentience is the act of understanding self. Dogs, dolphins, whales...lots of animals have this mental ability. It is why animals do show levels of empathy (their ability to realize that they occupy one part of the world and other animals occupy another...and that - possibly - it might compare to themselves).


Sapience, however, is the ability to think and reason. That is, it is the ability to create advanced logical systems that do not rely solely on things presented before them (abstract thinking, essentially). We are Homo Sapiens and not Homo Sentiens. Furthermore, sapience does not include emotions. As humans are organic machines with a pretty significant ratio of failure (three out of ten fertilized eggs don't implant, the estimated newborn death rate in most poorly developed countries with low medicine is one out of nine...one-hundred and sixty-three in one-thousand for under fives in those same countries), it's pretty weird to refer to ourselves as a "perfect" species. You are essentially seeing two formulas - X+10=Z and Y+10=Z - and then saying "Nope. X and Y cannot be the same value...there's definitely another variable in there."


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