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Ten years ago this December we went down to Florida to see a Shuttle launch. We stretched it into a 2-and-a-half week vacation, doing a bunch of other Florida touristy things as well. One place we visited was the Brevard County Zoo.


They had a giant anteater. What stunned me was that a member of the staff picked up a fallen palm frond (it was bigger but much lighter than a push broom) and dragged it behind him as he ran back and forth around the rear fence of the anteater enclosure. The anteater galumphed along that rear fence behind the dragged frond, happily chasing it the way a kitten or puppy would. Of all the critters I'd imagine I'd see simply frolicking with a zookeeper, a giant anteater would have been among the last on my list.


I tried taking pictures and video, but it was late in the day, and the tree cover was heavy, so there wasn't enough light. I got a couple of blurry pics where you could tell, yes, there was an anteater in the blur, but that's it. Since then they've been among my favorite megafauna.

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