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Latest addition to the household is Olivia.  Possibly hit or tossed from a car, or had been in the engine compartment.  She was found by the road and taken to a vet clinic who was able to hold her for a few days.  We drove down to pick her up. She did have a dislocated hip and some bruising on her chest.   Also was blind and her eyes were completely non-responsive to light.  However, she does seem to see at least light & dark currently, though I think there's been improvement over the last couple days.   Odd thing is, unlike any Siamese I've known, she doesn't get red eye.  One of our other cats who is also a Siamese mix gets red eye without any flash involved.  I think that may have to do with how much light gets thru her pupil.

She she's another vet on Wed to have an x-ray to make sure she can be spayed safely and we'll have another look into her eyes.


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