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Looking for ideas for a game in the Scott Pilgrim universe


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Greets :)


A couple of nights ago I had a thought that it might be fun to run a game in the Scott Pilgrim universe. My friends thought it sounded fun, so now it's up to me to think of various powers, rules, and other customizations to adapt the Hero 6E framework for a Scott-Pilgrim-esque experience.


Here's what I was thinking so far:


* (Obviously) make heavy use of the Martial Arts book, particularly the video game and anime bits.

* Your gaming group is your band. As such, most people either play an instrument or are at least groupies.

* Musical instruments are ranged weapons.

* Delivering a good soliloquy might earn you a temporary power boost (power of love, power of self-respect, etc)

* Rivals, followers, and dependents would play a big part.

* Astral travel (like Ramona's dream travel) would have to be worked in somehow.

* To keep the mood light and the game fast and simple, I might have damage be stun only. Villains would of course explode into a pile of coins when they die.


Any other thoughts? I'd eventually like to come up with a coherent list of rules, powers, and recommendations that I can pass out to people.

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Re: Looking for ideas for a game in the Scott Pilgrim universe


Comic or Movie Scott Pilgrim? In the Comic the fights are often just extensions of his relationship with Ramona.


Other Ideas:

OIF for a bag of infinite weapons

Teleport (see book 5)


Follow the standard practice of: acknowledge a character flaw.

Resolve to fix said flaw

Fight an enemy who embodies said flaw

Get the girl and realize you have overcome the flaw.

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