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Rogues...and Soldiers...and Assassins...and...Gallery (Dark Champions Art)

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Black Belt Jones was a movie in the seventies with Jim Kelly as a martial arts master opposing criminals and the corrupt LAPD. I think he was training his own school of fighters to help the neighborhood and no one liked it



Was it a spin-off from Enter the Dragon, or was that a different black martial arts character who just happened to be played by the same actor?

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I got more... I've done a lot of private commissions over the years and there is a lot of NPCs and PCs from my own gaming group...  Some are a bit pulpy, but I think the pulp adventures and mystery men are the pops and moms of what Dark Champions characters are doing.  More tomorrow.  


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Across 110th Street


Ten Ton Studios has their new weekly challenge up.  http://www.tentonstudios.com/forum/index.php?topic=10784.0


This week it is Misty Knight.  Now, I'm not a huge Iron Fist/Power Man comic book aficionado, but the very first thing I thought of when I read the challenge was Bobby Womack's amazing soul tune, "Across 110th street" (I've yet to see the movie, although I payed homage to the movie poster too.  Tunage here:  https://youtu.be/UOg_8hCC4u4).  I met my wife and lived in Spanish Harlem at the ages of 19-21.  I lived on E119th street, Harlem was close by.    


Watching Luke Cage on Netflix was like going home for me.  Luke Cage is my favorite Netflix Marvel show so far and I LOVED Jessica Jones and Daredevil.  I was a bike messenger and would often cut through Harlem from Spanish Harlem to pick up packages at Columbia University (and then bike downtown).  One time, I even delivered to the Apollo Theater!  That was a thrill.  


So I am paying homage to stomping grounds of my youth.   Now, I wish I could get some of those empanadas from 116th street.


pencil and inked on marker paper, scanned, digital colors 


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