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The Certified Aftershock Review

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Without spoilers I'll begin by saying Aftershock does one of the best jobs to date of capturing the scope and feel of the super hero genre. The plots progression and the inclusion of other side stories that we really haven't seen before add a depth that Champions Online has been lacking. More to the point unlike a lot of content the characters involved in the story actually appeared to have much more depth both in the friendly and not so friendly characters. Overall, this comic series not only draws from the setting locations but the personalities and motivations of the characters involved.


Aftershock also sees the addition of new story elements where decisions you make directly influences later events and options you have. While the pathing is simple enough this is a first use of these mechanics and I hope to see them develop more trigger and choice elements in stories. This goes a long way in helping to define characters for those interested in role playing and adds in the replay value of the series in general.


Spoiler Warning: Below discusses specific plot points and events in the comic series.




To discuss the story itself, there are some weak points but I think there are factors surrounding them that really help elevate the overall effect. Specifically I'm talking about the subplots of Viper and Demon. In the third issue we get a cryptic cut scene of the Supreme Serpent talking with Ripper. After this Viper effectively disappears after this until near the final act. Let me say now that the dialog in the climax was excellent but the fight seemed really out of place when it made more sense to fight side by side and try to postpone the big decision that comes after the battle. (This may be a path issue, I'll need to replay to verify.) More so, the dialog at the end of issue three does not feel all that congruous with the later events. I have far less criticism for Demon subplot and thought they made a good break for opponents in issue four.


Post the "big decision" we are put up against several powerful characters. While the fight itself is solid (even if it means loosing all my stars) it makes you wonder why couldn't you have opted to fight in the previous scene. While this may be one of the biggest flaws of Issue six it is still a great build up to the actual climax.




Overall, I'll say the story is on par with Resistance as far as quality but the depth of character and new story interactions really elevate Aftershock. Aftershock also has the distinct honor of being the first story from Champions Online that has genuinely creepy elements versus just monstrous foes. (I'm looking at you Issue four.)


Well, that's about it, hope everyone enjoys.

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