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Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial)

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Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial)






When I saw this picture, I actually said, "Whoa, good one." Out loud. Causing the cats to stare at me quizzically. ;-)


Though I have NO idea who this is, I absolutely love the pic; the face, the expression, the pose, the way her hair falls and her cloak drapes .... She looks poised rather than static, as if she's about to take action, so the pose comes across as dynamic even though she's stationary. Her facial features/expression are very realistic, the face of an actual woman you might conceivably see somewhere, and her body is well-rendered, even down to the slight inward curl of the hands; nothing disturbs the overall impression of realism. Well done, Epiphanis!

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Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial)


Thanks, Haven Walkur. That's about the most effusive praise I've ever gotten for my artwork.


The character is Gloriana, a sympathetic villain from the Teen Champions sourcebook. She is actually one of the most powerful solo villains in the setting. In this picture she is supposed to be in her early twenties, in keeping with the setting's real time aging rule. This may or may not be appropriate in that she is immortal and first appeared fully formed as a teenager, so it may have been more appropriate to draw her as a sixteen year old or so; not that I'm certain I could have conveyed that fine a nuance even if I had tried.


For almost all of my illustrations I use a photo reference for pose and body proportions, modified for effect. This doesn't always work out; my Syren picture was based on a photo of a tennis player in mid swing to appear actiony, but came out looking awkward. Also, the picture of Dreamwitch has her right leg appear in a very unnatural position even though it was based on an real model's pose that looked much more natural in the original.


Unlike some of the artists who frequent these boards I'm strictly amateur; I began this project partly in an attempt to teach myself how to make credibly comic book style superhero art using Manga Studio software; everything posted here is 100 per cent digital with no scanned paper based work.

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Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial)




Ghost Veil.

Nice picture. Looks like they took the same look in Champiosn Online:



Just wish they had done the same with Gravitar...

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