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Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial)


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Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial)


Mind if you can do a fanpic on my campaign heroines' date='THE COURT OF DREAMS? I'll send some pics of them so you can group them into a group pic.[/b']


Sorry, I'm not a professional and don't plan on trying to take potential business from the pros who do reasonably priced commission work. (I make an exception for the games I'm actually in.). This thread is actual fan art more for my own practice and use.

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Humm...there are a few charaters which come into mind right now...


1) Foxbatgirl

2) Charlie (Foxbat's physical doctor, basicly a normal with some equipment).


Not many other women run around with the loopie one. Leona was one other (a manipulative woman who appeared in many an 'Ask Foxbat' segments in the early Adventurer's Club, but disapered in 4ed, and I think we never got her stats).


Powering up my Nook now...I beleve there are still more from the VV 1,2, and 3 which you haven't done yet.


3) Meanwhile, from the land of the dead, Bora.


4) Gorgon would be a chalange.


5) The Shadow Queen.


6) Brell, daughter of Skarn The Shaper.


7) It would be fun to do a cross-gendered pic of Teleios (well, it might be a female clone based on his DNA).


8) Vilsimbra of the Devil's Advocates.


9) The twins Smoke and Mirrors.


10) Ambush


11) Evil Eye


12) Frag


13) Harpy


14) Howler


15) Mother Gothel should be fun to do.


That list should keep you bussy for a long, long time.

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