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Are there ANY good plant/wood powers names?

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Re: Are there ANY good plant/wood powers names?


I had a plant powers villain in City of Villains called Rotwood.


Winterkill is an word to describe plant life killed off by cold conditions.

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If you are playing an English game, play a character that is Spanish or German or Russian or just not English. Take any of the above words and translate them to something that sounds cool looking and sounding and make your character a little more different. Your character has a much older Fey name when you come from the OLD country.


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On 1/14/2021 at 6:01 AM, steriaca said:

I'm sure people have already suggested these names.





Thorn (ok...this one is already taken).

Poison Oak.



Ah, I see you mentioned Thorn, who's in CKC.  He's been used effectively in our campaign.

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On 5/8/2012 at 12:56 PM, Enforcer84 said:

I shall call him, "Log-Man."


I assume, given the other parts of the thread that he'd be a natural log man. So shouldn't that be Ln-Man? ;)


(Sorry, my math geek came out for a moment. He's going away now...)



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Possible duplicate here; eyes are too tired to read well on this phone, but I tried.


Ive seen this used in a campaign I was in a couple decades back for a wood-themed brick: some Growth, Density Increase, some Stretching, and a couple of extra limbs.




Like those characters that turn to living metal, he turned to dense wood-like tissue, etc.  Had a twin brother (on and off rivalry) without stretching and extra limbs, but more Growth and DI; GM named him Oak.


Oak was later given to a new player as a pregen (later campaign).  Player changed his look a bit and called him Ebony.



Seriously: there are some cool names in this thread, but sometimes a conceptually-solid simple name keeps a reputation around a long time.

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