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New Products In Store: CV3, APG II, Skeletons, and CV3 Characer Pack

Jason S.Walters

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Champions Villains Volume 3: Solo Villains

Steven S. Long

Brian & Brendon Fraim



336 pages

Print: $37.99

PDF: $28.46

Bundle: $55.00

Character Pack: $14.99

Champions Villains — a trilogy of Champions supplements — describes the bad guys of the Champions Universe in thorough detail. It doesn’t describe every single villain, of course (three books, even big ones, aren’t enough for that), but within these three volumes you’ll find over 300 villains — the most important, intriguing, dangerous, and defining supercriminals in the setting. This book, Volume 3, covers solo villain: villains who aren’t a part of any specific team, who work as mercenaries for whoever can pay them, or who just prefer to keep to themselves.


Advanced Player's Guide II

Steven S. Long

126 PagesISBN: 978-1-58366-138-3


Book: $24.99

PDF: $18.75

Bundle: $32.81

The HERO System 6th Edition contains all of the rules you need to create any sort of character, power, gadget, vehicle, monster, or weapon you can think of. The HERO System Advanced Player's Guide expanded on those rules, offering more information and options for dedicated HERO System gamers. But if even that's not enough for you, The HERO System Advanced Player's Guide II contains even more new rules, optional and variant rules, and rules expansions for your Hero System games!



Steven S. Long


25 Pages

PDF: $2.99


SKELETONS, the first in the Books of the Undead series, provides character sheets for 21 types of skeletons for players and GMs. They range from humanoid skeletons with various abilities and powers that make them tough foes for the PCs, to skeletons of monsters and animals including the fearsome Skelesaurus!


An Elvensong Street Press production.

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