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Attractiveness - Comeliness Vs. Striking Appearance

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Re: Attractiveness - Comeliness Vs. Striking Appearance


After reading several of the previous posts, a thought occurred to me that is really essential to this debate, but has not been brought up yet.


We play these games for fun. That is (or at least should be) the goal of WHATEVER system we choose to use to adjudicate ANY interactions in the game. And while I personally don't find PC's being immune to social skills fun (even when I am the PC) that in and of itself is more than enough reason for a group that DOES find it fun to allow PC's to be immune.


We adjudicate combat by dice rolls because it is fun for us to play that way. If it wasn't we would use diceless roleplaying systems. However, for some people, I can see that having your character's actions controlled by social skills might not be fun. You are there to play your character and I can understand how anything that prevents you from "playing" it as you see fit might not be fun for some people.


It reminds me of one of the first lessons I learned as a GM. While having players captured, kidnapped, tricked into doing wrong, secretly working for the badguys, etc. may make for great STORIES and be common threads in literature used to inspire ideas for a campaign, for most players this situation is not a "fun" one and should be avoided. Sometimes fun has to trump the story or the rules.


Not that this means I at all agree with you heathens that don't like being affected by social skills. L2RP NOOB!

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