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Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

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I don't think it's political to say one thing that I think would help a lot of folks:


Since the dawn of elections, the supporters of the losing side have always felt exactly the same.  Since the dawn of approval ratings, we have seen that supporters of the winning side suffer from a considerable amount of buyers remorse. 


To date, no one has died as a result of a lost election, and there have been no mass killings as a result of a victory. 


Personally, I think getting worked up over a temporary situation, or wasting massive chunks of an all-too-short lifespan to obsess over it is a huge waste of the most finite commodity any of us has. 


Losing or winning, either way: it did not kill you.  It has always struck me as foolish to waste life trying to convince someone that it did. 


(I love being old: the unimportance of little things gets just a bit more obvious every year) 



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Yes, but you don't want to see that in actual developed nations.  And in America, you rectify the situation in 2,4,6 years.


One of my state's U.S. Senators, I truly despise, as a politician and human being, but he wins.  It is what it is.  I've been living regardless.



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