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"So," The Bear said, "You come to my cave for the secret of Ursine steel , do you?"   "Such is my quest," The human said earnestly, hope in his voice but it was a hope he dared not hold onto too tig

*cough*  "I have coronavirus!" *punch*  "I have anger control issues."

This happened during our last performance.   I'm one of the detectives (Actually, I'm the head detective of the CLE franchise) and we have this bit where we ask one of the audience members t

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18 minutes ago, Logan.1179 said:

Fort Myers hospital worker accused of sucking patient’s toes


Yes, it's Florida.


When I was in college at San Francisco State University, a number of women in the dorms complained that a guy would break into their rooms and lick their toes while they slept. I don't know if the university cops ever caught the guy.

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On 2/4/2020 at 12:26 PM, Duke Bushido said:



I can't wait for the sacks of money with the "$" printed on them! 

I used to work for an armored car company, right as they were transitioning from the Canvas bags to heavy cardboard boxes for transporting coins. Many of those canvas bags had a bank logo printed on them, and were sealed at the top with wire and a lead sea, and a tag that specified the amount.  When empty those bags were useful and I obtained a lot of them for various uses around the house. still have a couple.  A bag strong enough to hold 40lbs of quarters is a good thing to have.

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1 minute ago, Badger said:

From my experience with those cardboard boxes,


should have stuck with the bags, then.

Nah.  The thing about the boxes was loading them but being boxes they were stack-able and we would tile the floor of the vehicle with them, and it gave us a slightly padded floor to walk on while in the truck. Then we would make furniture out of the thick plastic bags of bound and stacked cash. As long as the AC could handle it, the inside of the truck was comfy, but it was a losing battle in the summer when the sun would heat up that 3 tons of armor, and the inside became a pizza oven aftrr 1pm

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