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Book of the Conqueror (Tyrannon's Book)


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We've seen Book of the Destroyer (Dr. Destroyer), and the Book of the Machine (Mechanon), and now the Book of the Empress (Istvatha V’han). Next logical one should be Book of the Conqueror focusing on Tyrannon. While Mystic World provided a sketch of him, there are still many things that could be written about him.


Who's with me? Who else wants to see maps of Thulkos, a history of his battles with stvatha V’han and Skarn, detailed stats on the various races under his rule, and the best part of any (sourcebook)Tyrannon's daily routine?


I imagine it would be something like this:


Tyrannon does not need to sleep, and has been known to remain awake for decades at a time when he is engaged in the selection, conquest and assimilation of other dimensions. However, a being as mighty as Tyrannon needs to rest of some sort, if only to properly metabolize the immense energies that writhe beneath his skin and dream of future conquests. Tyrannon sleeps with his eyes open, and can awake instantly should he need to.


Tyrannon of course also does not require food or drink, and is sustained solely by the magical energies supplied by the billions sacrificed in his name across his dominion. He still has the capacity to eat, and his Emissaries, while under disguise, will do so to maintain their cover. Oddly enough, Tyrannon does still occasionally enjoy the sensation of eating, and his palate is satisfied by the delicacies from a thousand different dimensions that he had conquered. He is also (not surprisingly) fond of the raw flesh of intelligent humanoids (which he considers to be delicious), and has been known to actually devour whole certain worthy opponents or the bodies of sacrifices.


Also a brief history of Tyrannon, some of them from the first person. For example, a description of one of his battle with the empire of Istatha V’Han might go something like:


The War with Istatha V’Han, The Battle for Nekoya. Ages 315.


They had defiantly held against us for months, the Empress had had enough. Their repugnant religion, endless defiance, and the desecration they performed on our fallen had earned them the dreaded Nova Igniter. It would mean the complete end to this contested system.


Strangely, when we hurled the Nova Igniter into their star, not one of their ships made a move to stop it; the seemingly archaic sailing galleons with their sails flapping impossibly in the void of space, each one emblazoned with the sigil of their deity: that of three-pointed arrowhead crossed by a crescent.


At first we thought they did not realize that their doom was upon them.


Then the Nova Bomb struck home, sinking into the crushing pressures of stellar fusion. We cheered, for the end of our now hated enemy was in sight.


But the star did not explode in a cleansing nova, scouring space clean of this vile people that lay claim to it.


The star shook, it trembled.


Then, it glared.


The star glared at us.


Terrible eyes opened and a maw of flares like teeth opened.


And it began to pull us in. Like fish caught in a net, we found our ships being dragged helplessly into that gaping fusion maw.


Our captain was quick thinking. Even with our engines at unsafe levels, we could do no more than slow our plunge, but the stellar objects around us seemed unaffected.


He ordered us to set course for an asteroid, and to crash into it. We donned our vacuum suits and made ready.


The impact was not as terrible as I imagined. I guess that normal control systems cushioned it for us. I was thrown from my feet anyway.


The fleet died as one, from what those of us brave enough to peer over the horizon said, the star ate it in a single gulp. Imperial radio frequencies were awash in a terrible burst of static when they died.


As for the star, the eyes faded first, but it smiled. Smiled! That terrible crescent grin lingered on for days. It was known as a Viceroy. The one aligned with the element of fire, but we had no way of knowing that at the time.


We were forced to shut off our radios, and communicate by touching our helmets together.


The air had leaked away, and that terrible, inescapable war chant of those vile people filled every frequency.


It overwhelmed our transmitters. We could find no escape from the sourceless, omnipresent chant.







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Re: Book of the Conqueror (Tyrannon's Book)


I'd buy it, but it seems unlikely at best. Also, a lot of that turf was already covered in Book of the Empress, which was as much about other dimensions as it was about V'han. Were I the one making such calls, I would probably prefer to see a similar treatment of Takofanes, covering the Crowns of Krim and other remnants of the Turakian Age, as well as addressing undead in the Champions U. After that would be a book on Teleios, including his clones and a bestiary of his bioengineered servants. But similarly comprehensive works are unlikely in the current incarnation of Champions. We might feasibly get some shorter works like The Dragon Mandarin, though.

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Re: Book of the Conqueror (Tyrannon's Book)


I have to say, while Tyrannon is one of my favorite villains, the degree to which his forms, minions, and dimension of Thulkos are dealt with in The Mystic World and Champions Villains Vol. 1 give me enough for my needs. While a whole book devoted to him is possible, I don't feel a great desire for it. Sorry. :(


I'm with Epiphanis in desiring a source book for Takofanes, but agree with him that such a thing is unlikely for the foreseeable future.

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