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"So I Just Got Out of the Tutorial..."


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A useful post from a friend on the CO forums:



This is a thread dedicated to those who want to make the most out of their Silver experience, particularly first-time players who might actually read the forums or maybe, by some crazy chance, have this thread linked to them.


It begins!


So you just got out of the tutorial. Pretty cool, right? You're level 6 now, you can pick up a travel power now! You've just been unleashed into a big city and there's tons of players in the middle area! What should you do first? Before we go anywhere... do you like your Archetype? It's hard to get a good grip on what an Archetype is capable of so early on, so if you find that you don't really like your Archetype's feel, this is a good chance to delete your character and make a new one, and you can even skip the tutorial! I say give every Archetype 'til level 10 to really 'click' with you. If it still feels weird, chances are you won't like the Archetype at all. By the way, if you picked The Mind or The Inferno, they really aren't the best beginner-friendly ATs. Minds are crowd-control healers, and frankly crowd control is pretty bad on CO. Infernos are glass cannons all the way and will die the moment a boss looks at them funny.


After you're done deciding your Archetype, you should speak with Defender and follow his advice. Get to Westside and bust some heads! Find some other fellow newbies and team up with them, or if you're migrating from another game, convince your friends to come too. This game might become really easy when you've got friends, but it's just fun to play with your team. Ignore the red buttons by the minimap that have coins and XP and weird glowy chip things, you shouldn't touch those yet. Don't stress out about having a tank or a healer either. Just go in there and have fun! You'll pick up new powers as you level, some of which drastically change how your character performs in combat.


Your hero is getting stronger!


You'll receive your passive which automatically slots in. Rank this up to 3 unless you're a Behemoth, where it's optional to rank it. You'll receive your Form later too. Make sure it's turned on at all times, because it does drastically affect how much damage you do and gives you free energy with which to use your better attacks. Also, you'll receive your superstats, all three of 'em by level 15. These are important! Focus on getting these stats decently high with whatever gear you find. Yellow numbers are good. If you have energy issues (constantly having to turn on your energy builder, for example) then you'll need to put some Recovery into your gear. Don't sweat that you aren't able to constantly fire off your attacks early on, but later on if you're still using your energy builder something might be amiss. Some ATs do require more Recovery compensation for their energy use, but those are generally Premium Archetypes like The Specialist and The Invincible. By the way, just because the AT is a Premium AT does not mean that it's better than a Silver AT.


About alerts...


Once you hit level 15, NOW you can start pushing those red buttons on the side of your Minimap. These are Alerts, which grant massive experience, decent in-game money and modifications for your gear. The main draw in regards to alerts, aside from the powerleveling possibilities, are the dailies. I personally suggest doing the daily alert missions then going about your normal business progressing through the game as a first time player, because alerts barely even show off 1% of the game. If you're running a second character through, refrain from spamming Alerts so you can experience the whole game through another character.


You'll get 2k Questionite per daily finished, and you can exchange your Questionite for Zen! Last time I checked it was 200 Questionite per 1 Zen, so a daily can net you 10 zen right there. Supervillains also drop Questionite boxes which contain 200, 500, 700 or 1500 Questionite, so if you do your missions and fight lots of supervillains you'll be able to bring in some decent income without spending a single actual dollar. I highly suggest doing this and purchasing a Hideout ASAP, because the hideout bank feature is incredibly useful for storing money past the Silver G limit (250 G, you won't believe how fast this gets annoying) and if you purchase a Penthouse you can get a quick and painless way to get to Millennium City. Once you've done that, you can keep the Zen grind going to purchase new character slots, costume sets and new Archetypes. There's an 8k daily Questionite limit though, so keep that in mind!


Enjoy the game, and don't rush to 40 your first time through! As for you veterans, get the word out, express the message through your own way, show new players that the game isn't just Alerts 'n Vehicles and that this isn't just a 'theme park MMO', despite all of the evidence that says it is.


Now, here's the burning question: Should you subscribe?

Did you enjoy the game? Were you wishing you were able to pick your own powers rather than the measly two choices you were given when playing your Archetype? Do you want to take an awesome concept character and make it on CO? Then yes, subscribing is for you. If you want a more permanent investment, a Freeform slot isn't a bad choice either. A Lifetime Sub is a lot to put down at once but it's a lovely investment if you like the game.


Now, why shouldn't you subscribe? CO's currently in a state of status quo, with nothing really great coming out aside from a few new powers and a few costume sets. Nobody really knows WHY this is happening, but people are growing sour and negative from the development essentially being dead. Don't let this stop you from enjoying what's already here.

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