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Monday Morning Music Trios

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Australia. The answer is Australia.

Old Red Eyes is Back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rrXmE19hFk   Warm wet circles by Marillion   The theme from Cheers

And of course the one everyone knows, "One Night in Bangkok" featuring Murray Head  

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Hmmm. Makes me realize that my taste in music leans toward things where the lyrics are not (to me) an important part of the composition, or which are strictly instrumental. (In classical music, I greatly prefer pipe organ and symphonies to opera.)


"Vincent", from Don McLean


"Through the Dark", from K T Tunstall


"Wrote a Song For Everyone", from John Fogerty

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New theme: Three songs that act as poetry, or lyrics can be read as poetry. If you like, post the lyrics too, or link to them. 



#1: "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles - As poignant a story of unrequited love as you're likely to find.





#2: "So Far from the Clyde" by Mark Knopfler - A beautiful, heart-twisting elegy. The fact that it's for a ship makes it even more awesome.



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The Who (well John Entwistle)


1. 5:15 live from Albert Hall in circa 2001 (bass solo starts at 4:50 in the clip below)




2. The Real Me


3. The Punk & The Godfather


4. Bell Boy


5. Won't Get Fooled Again 


6. Baba O'Reilly 



He wasn't called Thunderfingers for nothing! 

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New Topic: Three songs with great bass lines.

There is an alternate universe somewhere in the multiverse where I lead a band named Gigawatt Subwoofers ("Death by infrasonics").



Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, by J. S. Bach


The Launch and Cool the Engines from Boston's Third Stage. Takes a minute before the bass starts.


The immortal Tuba Smarties from Sky, Herbie Flowers on the eponymous instrument. Tristan Fry (nominally the drummer) is the trumpeter who fluffs his opening notes badly.

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