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Alchemica and the use of Transform in battle


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I'm using the character Alchemica from Champions Solo villains. Currently she's in battle with the PCs and I'm having some trouble coming up with interesting effective uses for her primary ability (her Transformation to "Anything") that don't violate the meta rule about duplicating another Power's effects (particularly with Transformation). Overall, it seems like her power might be better represented by a VPP in this case. Just trying to turn character into stone or whatever over and over again seems kind of dull.




Does anyone have any suggestions or just tips and ideas about the ability and limits of Transformation overall?

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Re: Alchemica and the use of Transform in battle


I wouldn't use her, very weak, Transforms in Combat. As stated in the text, they work slowly, and have better uses outside of combat.


She has an entire Multipower with combat abilities in it that are potent enough.


but - you're thinking far to straightforward about how to use a Transform into Anything. Change the environment a little - transforming a window into brick to provide cover. Transform the floor into a floor with spikes (effectively adding a small Damage Shield type effect to the floor itself, you'd have to figure out the AP of that as an 'attack' and add it onto the Body of the Floor to properly Transform it - but adding Powers is well within the purview of Transform).


Or add things like that ability onto her Mulitpower.

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Re: Alchemica and the use of Transform in battle


I think the key word here is 'Anything' :)


Don't like stone? Why not animals? (Transform into Dogs, cats, birds, whales, etc)

Are they standing their smugly? Turn the ground under their feet into air/quicksand/etc

Don't like the odds? Transform one of them into your 'obedient servant'.

Are they all bunched together? Transform the air above them into a boulder and let it drop (Dive for cover!!)


I think that, if it helps to think of it as a VPP, go right ahead. As GM you basically get to control the effect (as long as the BODY gets covered).

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