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Profet And Purity: Can This Book Be Saved?


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Was this on the publishing schedule at one time ? Or is it now ?


Profit And Purity was announced a couple of times during the DoJ era. Last time was on the tentative 2012 release schedule, posted 'way back in Feb. 2011 before the company cutbacks kicked in, along with lots of other neat-sounding stuff.


(I'm having trouble inserting a link to the appropriate thread -- maybe the new forum software isn't ready for that function yet. But if you go to the Company Questions forum and click on the Sticky thread, "2012 Release Schedule," you can see the full rundown.)


From my same interest in the CU I was also looking forward to the proposed The Martial World. And although I'm not a fan of horror gaming, IMHO that new Horror HERO genre book is long overdue -- it's the last major genre not covered in an in-print book. Lots of other folks expressed interest in one or another of those proposed books, which are now in budgetary limbo.


[Dashes out to buy another lottery ticket.]

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