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The Black Company

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Greetings Hero community,

Maybe some one here can help. I'm looking for a campaign written up in the milieu of The Black Company by Glen Cook (sp?)

The idea would be low-magic troops or PCs immersed in skirmishes and troop battles while surrounded and plagued by an environment of high magic forces.


Even the current GoT series will do for a campaign setting. Third party developers are OK too ( I can translate into HERO system.) just need a start campaign to get the players interested.


Thanks for any help.



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Hmm... well, of settings published for HERO System, I believe The Turakian Age has the most potential for the kind of game you want to run. Although much powerful magic is available to a minority of its inhabitants, the vast majority of Ambrethelans (the known world is called "Ambrethel") have little to do with magic and make do with medieval-level technology. Mercenary and adventuring companies are common in Ambrethel, and some notorious ones are described in TA.


While the titular villain of the setting, Kal-Turak the Ravager of Men, is a Sauron-level menace who will one day campaign to conquer all Ambrethel, his realm is far to the north of all others and his campaign at least a decade away. His presence can be handily ignored if you don't want to use him. Ambrethel has many, many other expansionistic empires, rival kingdoms, mighty wizards, great dragons, fearsome undead, hordes of humanoids and barbarians, malevolent gods and demons and the cults that serve them, perilous wilderness, ruined cities ripe for plunder, political conspiracies, rebellions and civil wars looking for sell-swords. You could easily spend years (game- and real-world) adventuring across this setting without ever touching on Kal-Turak.


Ambrethel is a very broad setting, rife with plot points, but not highly detailed in most areas. That can be good or bad depending on how much freedom you want, and work you're willing to do, to develop it. The Fantasy HERO line does include a few other books that supplement TA.


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Thank you both for the heads up. I did not realize Turkian Age was available for 5th Ed. I can easily convert it to 6E.

@Killer, great concept and setting. I love the naming scheme.

In case you hadn't noticed, all 5th Ed. books ordered from this website's online store are half their original cover price, hardcopy or PDF.
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BTW here's a link to a campaign concept I posted to these forums a while back, stressing politics, diplomacy, intrigue, and espionage. It's based in a region of the Turakian Age world of Ambrethel, and includes a fairly sizeable list of plot seeds which could be expanded to full adventures. I know it's not exactly what you were asking for, but you might find something useful: Besruhan Intrigues.

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Well, it's a bit embarrassing to pimp my own work, but I wrote up and posted a complete campaign a while back that might help.


The basic storyline is that the PCs are a bunch of minor retianers of a local lord, who's having border problems with his neighbours. The game starts with them having several minor jobs, uncovering some minor plots, and gaining teh eye of the lord. Then then war breaks out: in the final pitched battle, the lord is defeated (and killed) along with almost all of his senior retainers. It falls to the PCs to get the lord's young heir to safety, and then later, to help him raise an army and reconquer his fief. The game was intentionally low magic, though magic does crop up more and more often as the game goes on. Once the fief is reconquered, the PCs - now the lord's senior retainers - uncover the fact that the whole thing was part of a larger plot, that threatens the whole land, and they have to go off and stop it. It was designed as a campaign to take PCs from 100 point starting characters through to 300 point Big Damn Heroes, and is written up to be usable straight out of the metaphorical box, with NPCs, maps, etc.


There's two catches: it's set in fantasy feudal Japan, and it's written for 4th Ed. It's not hard to scrub the serial numbers off however, especially since the first story arc in the campaign originated in my fantasy campaign anyway, where the setting was pseudo-viking (just assume Huscarl = Samurai, and off you go :)). Changing from 4th Ed. to 6th Ed. is trivial - most of the NPCs can simply be used as-is. So it should be easy enough to adapt to a pseudo-medieval setting.


Anyway, if that sounds interesting, just say.

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