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Combat Thoughts

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MHI characters are pretty strong fighters.


I have no prior experience with the HERO system. I've run 2 combat sessions with my group so far - one after character generation to familiarize us all with combat, and one as part of our first real adventure.


They kicked ass and took names both times.


The first session was against a horde of wights. The second against a group of humbolt folk and some "super" humbolt folk I made.


The common theme seems to be that if MHI characters are in a large open area, they win. And automatic weapons against low DCV is deadly.


Most monsters are melee type combatants. In order to stand a chance against MHI, they need to be in close quarters. In my 2 combat experiences, every monster was dead before they could get close enough to attack.


Keep that in mind as you design your adventure. Small, cramped spaces, surprise attacks and fast moving superior numbers are a monsters best friend. Otherwise, it's too easy for the MHI players.

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I have been running a MHI game for about 15weeks now and I have found that the players are taking out creatures relatively easily. I think the main issue, which I cannot fault them for is preparation. I planned an encounter with Wererats in the city they were based out of. They examined the area which the creature were operating in and some of the body's of victims. They took a guess that the opponents were Wererats and armed appropriately (MHI Silver Ammo). What makes Lycanthrope extremely dangerous was negated and the armour that the PC wear is exceptional. I don't think one player took body from a wererat's attack.


After the first few encounters I have started planning the environment and location a great deal more. I usually create a location which can benefit the players if they choose to take advantage, however I have start allowing the creatures to use the environment a lot more. Since then the encounters have become much more interesting, although not as I always planned.

Last couple of sessions the players broke up a magic ritual which involved sacrificing about 15 innocent people. The Cultist used them as shields and the player shot anyway killing all the innocents. The repercussions to the incident are going to be interesting.

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