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Examples of powered street level characters from the comics

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A number of examples of powered, "street-level" heroes can be found among the MLJ/Red Circle Comics line, most notably The Shield. The Comet, and Steel Sterling--




Later, when MLJ became Archie Comics, Archie and the gang became "street-level" superheroes themselves.  ("I call upon the Power of my Pure Heart!")


Hope that helps.

for the record they were[captian] pureheart the powerful[archie] evilheart the magnificent [reggie] captain hero [jughead] and superteen [betty] they were made during the 1960s batmania craze later when archies SUPERTEENS was published the gave veronica a super i.d. but I can't remember what it was offhand

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I think that if you wanted to go with powered street couldn't you go with the original JSA for the most part they are masked mystery men with some powers intermixed. Dr Midnite to GL (Alan Scott) or Flash (Jay Garrick.) I just added names for those who may not know...

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