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Morph (from Champions Villain Vol.3: Solo Villains)

Dr Archeville

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Morph "is a true physical metamorph with absolute control over her body's shape and substance. can't assume energy or gaseous forms, nor any form that involves moving parts or a chemical reaction (for example, she can't change herself into a lightning bolt, a working pistol, or a motor), and she can't alter her density or opacity, but aside from that her powers are unrestricted. She can distort her body with Stretching, flawlessly imitate other people right down to the cellular level with Shape Shift, accurately mimic animals with Multiform, form parts of her body into melee weapons, transform her flesh into stone or metal, and so forth."

If she turns into a spider (or a giant spider), can she spin webs? Would she have a venomous bite as a spider (or viper or et cetera)? She can't do changes that involve chemical reactions, which makes me think she cannot produce venom or webbing, but she can change what her flesh is made of, which makes me think she could produce venom or webbing.

And if she can't alter her density, how is she turning her flesh into stone or metal? Stone and metal are denser than flesh; is she just turning her outer skin into stone/metal/whatever, and making her insides something lighter, so it all balances out?

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Don't have my 5th books so this is from memory and could be wrong. If so someone will correct me.


Morph was originally from Ultimate Metamorph and was better detailed there.


She could generate animal special effects from her VPP in the appropriate forms.


The density and opacity refers to Desolidification (she had to take the cannot pass through solid objects,) and Invisibility (could only use as camoflage type power)


The example powers contradict the text where Density Increase is concerned. She made use of DI, Armor, Growth and Shrinking in her Shape shifting.

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So when I'd asked this question, last September, I'd made a shapeshifting superhero (Horrorshow) with powers broadly similar to Morph's.  Sadly, that game never actually happened, and the character sat unused, but recently another friend has started a Champions game, and I'm finally able to use my guy.


So, this question's become relevant again!


Thank you, Grailknight, for your feedback.  Anyone else have any thoughts?

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re: venom & webbing


If the character can mimic at the cellular level it makes sense that they can take the form or a biological system that can produce things like webbing and venom.  This is different than actually becoming those things (ex: metamorpho can turn into chemical poisons).  I'd allow it.

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