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I worked up some of the old World of Darkness stuff that I owned into Hero terms. My plan was to allow players of my High Fantasy Hero game the opportunity to play those "races" if they wanted to; plus I knew it would be an excellent opportunity to cut my teeth on 6E Hero, which is different enough I felt the need to practice.


I started with vampires, as they're pretty straightforward in the World of Darkness. I never got around to working up all the various Vampiric Disciplines, but you could make those easily enough. It clocks in at 211 points, which is pretty reasonable for a vampire, I think -- the one in the Bestiary is just a crazy number of points.


I've uploaded this as a Package Deal here


EDIT: Updated post, removed non-operational links, uploaded package deal to new Download section, updated link.

World Of Darkness - Kindred package deal.pdf

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