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ConNooga Gaming Gust of Honor

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Greetings, Heroes.


I have been selected as the Gaming Guest of Honor at ConNooga (Chattanooga, TN, Feb 21-23).


I'll be running three games (schedule here):


Felt Versus Plastic: It's Muppets versus Toy Story in a childhood idol grudge match. Cringe as Gonzo reads poetry from inside a piranha tank! Groan as Fozzy tells mind-numbingly stupid jokes! Gasp as Buzz threatens opposition with his blinking light laser! Down, Animal, down! (Fri 12-4PM)


Cereal Killers, in Night of the Living Crunch: 28 bowls later... The dead are rising, and want to eat your grains. Cap'n Crunch, Tony the Tiger, Count Chocula, and other cereal icons star in this grim and gritty urban adventure. Role-playing and a sense of humor stressed. This game is fortified with 8 essential vitamins and players. (Sat 8AM-12)


Urban Fantasy All-Stars: Hellboy, Constantine, Grimm, Ash, Ghost Rider, and other modern monster hunters must team up to save the world from the final apocalypse. (Sat 8PM-12)


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BlackWyrm had a great showing at ConNooga. Balobanto ran four games, and I ran three. The booth was fairly busy most of the time, and a lot of transactions were going on. I haven't looked at the inventory and financials yet, but it felt like a good showing.


My Muppet Versus Toy Story surprisingly had no takers, but then again it was Friday at noon, the very first game of the con.


My Cereal Killers: Night of the Living Crunch game went wonderfully. A gaming group of five people accounted for most of the players, so they already had some chemistry with each other, which is always good. On top of that, they came prepared. They each brought along a box of cereal, so that they could stake their claims for each character. It was easy to tell that they were ready to get into character, and that they "got it" -- they were ready crunchy camp.


Since Jim Butcher was the author guest of honor, and I was the gaming guest of honor, I wanted to run a Dresden Files RPG game. So I ran an all-star monster hunter game, with twelve possible characters, but only eight player slots. I was hoping to have Butcher join in to play, or to at least stop by for a cameo role, but he wasn't available. However, he did autograph all of the character sheets so that all the players got to take home an autograph. I waffled a bit on the plot, unfortunately, so the overall game experience wasn't to the level that I'd like, but I think everyone still enjoyed themselves. After all, how often do you chase demons into Hell to prevent them from cheating the timeclock for the four horsemen? Everyone got to play a character that they knew and loved.

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