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5th Edition 250 Points Comic Book Characters


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Wonder Girl; from Wonder Woman.


When are you going write me up?


Wonder Girl


Val Char Cost

15 STR 5

20 DEX 30

20 CON 20

10 BODY 0

13 INT 3

20 EGO 20

15 PRE 5

18 COM 4

5 PD 2

5 ED 1

4 SPD 10

7 REC 0

40 END 0

32 STUN 0

Total Characteristics Cost: 100 Points


Cost Skills

3 Acrobatics 13-

3 Breakfall 13-

12 Combat Luck +6 rPD +6 rED

5 FB: Amazon Princess

4 Martial Block

4 Martial Disarm

4 Martial Dodge

4 Martial Strike

3 Martial Throw

2 Navigation [Air] 12-

5 Offensive Strike

1 TF: Invisible Plane

Total Skills Cost: 50 Points


Cost Powers

7 Multipower (10 Points) IAF: Magic Belt (-1/2)

1 u) Leaping +10"

1 u) Running +5"

1 u) Swimming +10"

5 LS: Longevity [immortal]

12 EC [Magic]-25 Points, OAF: Magic Lasso (-1)

10 1) Entangle 2d6 DEF 2, Based on EGO Combat Value (+1), Works Against EGO No STR (+1/4), Takes No Damage From Physical Attacks (+1/4), No Range (-1/2)

10 2) Mind Control 10d6, No Range (-1/2)

10 3) Stretching 10", Always Direct (-1/4), No Noncombat (-1/4)

20 Missile Deflection [All Ranged Attacks] +5, OIF: Bracelets (-1/2)

18 STR +25, No Figured Characteristics (-1/2), No END (+1/2), IAF: Magic Belt (-1/2)

Total Powers Cost: 100 Points


Total Cost: 250 Points


150+ Disadvantages

10 DNPC: Jim Ames (Unaware Useful Normal) 8-

10 Hunted: Wonder Woman (More Powerful/NCI/Watch) 8-

20 Normal Characteristics Maxima

20 PsyL: Code Versus Killing (Common/Total)

20 PsyL: Novice Hero (Very Common/Strong)

10 SocL: Secret Identity [Princess Drusilla of Paradise Island/Drusilla Prince] (Occasionally/Major)

10 SocL: Subject To Orders (Occasionally/Major)

Total Disadvantages Cost: 250 Points


This is a version of Wonder Girl as scene on the first season of Wonder Woman.  The characteristics are based on my Mystic Template, with high EGO to control her Magic Lasso.  Her skills are based on those of an Amazon.  Her powers come from her Bracelets (Missile Deflection), and her Magic Belt (Superstrength, Running, and Leaping).  Her Magic Lasso will cause anyone to immediate surrender (Mental Paralysis Entangle) and make anyone do what she tells them to (Mind Control)

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Well there is an easy way to figure this out. The bike weighs 200 kg each girl weighs 100 kg (300 kg). STR 23 lifts a max off the ground at 600 kg. So over head is either -5 STR or minus -10. So STR 30 should fit the bill (going with -5 STR overhead and since that is also the benchmark for max human potential as of fifth edition


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each girl weighs 100 kg (300 kg)



Those girls don't look like they weigh 220 lbs...


Let's see . . . I have no idea what kind of motorcycle that is. Looking at some older military bikes (since that looks like some kind of USO event), an Indian 841 seems pretty close to the type. It's listed at 240kg. So, let's say 250 kg for a round estimate.


As for the ladies. Well, I don't want to be rude, but I'll guess on the higher end just to be safe. 65 kg (to pick a round number) is roughly 143 lbs. Since these aren't waifish model types, that's probably an OK average for a guesstimate.


So, he's overhead pressing around 445kg. I can't actually lift a book today myself, so I'm going to reference this Continuous Strength chart. According to the chart, a STR 21 can lift 460kg, and a STR 20 can lift 400kg. So, if the girls are lighter than estimated, he's probably closer to a 20, and if they're around the average estimate, he's closer to a 21, to be able to deadlift them. So, add 5 pts for the overhead press, and that puts him at 25-26 STR.

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Well I went with 100 kg because of STR. And I was trying to remeber the formula for pushing multiple people at once in the Ultimate Martial Artist. Still going by the benchmark, I still like STR 30 of course ymmv.


I figured you were just basing off of a 10 STR lift. Hope I didn't offend, I just got curious about working it out for myself.


With regard to Cap, I think a 30 STR is also a reasonable interpretation based on how much variability there is in different comics interpretations.

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