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How would you Build an EMP?

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Hi fellow Hero users,



I have an energy blaster with electric based powers and after running into several guys in power armor am realizing that a way to take down their suits power would be very helpful in defeating them. My main question is would you recommend building the power as a drain or a dispel and what would you target so far all I have though of was a drain vs end with the goal of making it so the suit has no juice to run on. Or a massive dispel to make the suits pool no longer work (although that maybe too expensive...).


Any other thoughts are welcome.




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As Per Champions Powers, 6th ed (btw, is it ok to copy & paste from the rule books?)


Electromagnetic Pulse


Effect: Dispel Electricity Powers 8d6

Target: One character or device

Duration: Instant

Range: 240m

END Cost: 12

Description: The character projects a pulse of electromagnetic energy that disrupts the flow of electricity. This allows the character to shut off electrical devices by frying their circuitry, and to temporarily diminish or de-activate electricity based superpowers.


Game Information: Dispel Electricity Powers 8d6, Expanded Effect + Variable Effect (all Electricity Powers simultaneously; +4). Total cost: 120 points.



1) Powerful Pulse: Increase to Dispel Electricity Powers 12d6. Total cost: 180 points.

2) Weaker Pulse: Decrease to Dispel Electricity Powers 6d6. Total cost: 90 points.

3) Unfocused Pulse: Add Area Of Effect (32m Radius; +1) and No Range (-½). 144 Active Points; total cost 96 points.

4) Variant Electromagnetic Pulse: Change to Drain Electricity Powers 3d6. Total cost: 150 points.

5) Electromagnetic Touch: The character has to touch a device or character to disrupt its electrical powers. Add No Range (-½). Total cost: 80 points.


Although I also like the idea of a Drain with Delayed Return Rate.

​edit: The thing about Dispel, as i understand, is that characters can 're-start' those powers... so a Drain in this case would be the way to go, especially with enough Delayed Return Rate to take them out of the fight.

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Depends a bit how the Power Armor is build.


If it has a Complication like Succeptibility (Strong Magnetic Fields) or a Limitation like "Not in Strong Magnetic Fields" you could trigger it with a Change Environment.


A realistic EMP is closer to a HKA, NND, Does Body, then what you see in the Source Material. (It literally fries electronic)


Another approach is to make a powerfull STUN-only attack. But it only stuns the Technological Part of the Hero.


The very classic approach would propably be a Drain, Supress or Dispel.

Dispel does not affect the reactivation of the Power at all, it only disrupts running powers.

Drain and Supress.with Expanded Effect might be a idea.

With Adjustment Powers you also have to keep in mind that it will not affect all power armor powers. Iron Man without energy still has a lot of resistant Defenses.

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