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Magneto build for 6ed?

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Sad to say, there was a 1e/2e Magneto write up in Different Worlds magazine back in the day.


It was written by one of the Old Masters of Champions, before it was the Hero System.


Not scanning tonight. :(


Also it wouldn't quite be legal under the current systems (5e and 6e). But a conversion would be Awesome.


Maybe tomorrow.


EDIT: Also, back in the day, when the Marvel Superheroes RPG was published, an official conversion system was published. One or more of the old timers could probably provide you with a "by the book" conversion.


A legitimate Magneto could be constructed from those, but it would be based on the 80s version.


It doesn't bother me, because I stopped reading the X-Titles a Real Long Time Ago.

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