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I only heard about this in passing, but Europe had a "almost Blackout" back on 10th January.

50 Hertzs is the target Frequency. As production and consumption varries, this value changes up or down.

48 Hertz is the border at witch we get a Blackout and have to invest physical work to get stuff back running. Possibly even replace power supplies.

We hit 49,8 for a moment. Still sounds like a lot, but at this value there is often only seconds to compensate. Decrease past that is "exponentially" (actuall exponentially, not SciFi show exponentially). Luckily the security measures worked and we did not have a blackout in the middle of winter.

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6 hours ago, Badger said:

Didn't realize Europe had a multi-country power grid.  Though that does make sense.

Electrical buying and selling is very common. German Coal Plants are actually mostly selling the power to France and Belgium.


Nuclear Powerplants have the huge downside of a very slow reaction time. Changing the output can take hours to days.

Renewable energy is by nature unpredictable.

Gas and Coal plants are resonsible for quick reaction adaption . For cases like this.

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14 minutes ago, Michael Hopcroft said:

Now that's what I call a Lame Claim to Fame... ?


For her, or for me?


In my case, I was never a fan, although I found a few of his videos hilarious. For her, Weird Al is a friend of the family.

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