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10 hours ago, Starlord said:

The Snow-based Triboelectric Nanogenerator 


Generates electricity from...snowfall.


51 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:


We can use it run heaters!  :)


It would not surprise me if that was part of the idea -- use it outside as a backup power source to keep you warm inside.

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24 minutes ago, Badger said:

I've long realized with Planet of the Apes, the apes didn't get smarter, the humans got dumber, I realize this because whenever I leave my house, I am forced into human interaction.


It's amazing how little human interaction I have when I leave the house. Self-serve gas stations and self-checkout stores.


I don't even have to nod and smile at people as I walk by them if I don't feel up to it.

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Scientists reanimate brains of pigs hours after pigs were slaughtered for food. They kept a flow of drugs to prevent any consciousness/pain, and confirmed with an EEG to know there was no activity. But the cells were alive again.



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36 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:



It's a thing where I am.  It's a breakfast food, usually scrambled in with eggs.


I'm aware of it as a Southern breakfast food, though I've never had it.


Mid-Atlantic states usually have their pork brains as part of scrapple (made from the offal from a pig, "everything but the oink"). I might have had scrapple when I was a kid, though my memory seems to also place maple syrup on top of it.

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