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Interesting article about that AI development company Musk founded, OpenAI. 




Basically a text generating AI. Pop in a bunch of fiction or poetry and it will spit out fiction or poetry.  Quite a bit is gibberish. Okay, most of it is gibberish, although some of the poetry still works because poetry can afford gibberish. (spoilered for length is an example from the article)

In their little room with the door ajar

And the candle hanging on the wall ajar,

I have come across the word “Rise”

With a face as grave and flat as you please.

The one thing I remember of “Rise”

Is the way it makes you feel — so bad, so bad.

And I’ve come across many words to-night

That are so like “Rise” — so like — so vague, so vague.

”Elegance,” and “Artistic Vigour,”

But “Rise” is far above the rest,

And I cannot hear — or see — the word,

I will just stop here (I’ll stop if I can).

If you don’t know what “Rise” means, try.


What I found more interesting was the ethics and motivation around the way OpenAI is slowly releasing their tools for use and analysis. They released a weaker version a few months ago, and a more powerful version just recently, but as DBZ would put it, "This isn't even my final form!"


They say: This is a dangerous technology. It would make it trivial to generate fake reviews on Amazon, or post fake news. Releasing it slowly gives people a chance to see ways it could be abused and how to prepare for it.


Critics say: This is just a ploy to generate hype and anticipation.


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22 hours ago, tkdguy said:


Why am I never given an expensive bottle of wine? :(


The employee got off lightly. Most are fired for making that sort of mistake.


Closest I ever got to something like this was a free Dinner for two at Ruth Chris steakhouse after our waiter wandered off and forgot we existed.


The whole meal was free and they encouraged us to get a couple drinks and a dessert to make up for their failure.  Overall, pretty sweet deal.



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On 5/17/2019 at 9:35 AM, Sociotard said:

Wow, 7 is pretty young for a cat to go.

Her famous frown was the result of a facial deformity, and she also had dwarfism. These had no relation to the urinary-tract disease that led to her being euthanized, but she was apparently never the healthiest of felines. Despite that, she was apparently a very sweet and friendly cat who was able to roll with all the bizarre public appearances she needed to do -- which made a fortune for her owners.

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