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Maldives resort offers $30K 'all-you-can-stay' package


Stay as long as you want in 2021. The $30,000 package covers the use of a two-person overwater bungalow at the private-island property for unlimited use over 2021, with airport transfers and breakfast thrown in.


That's not bad on a per day basis if you stay all year, less than $83 per day.


I wonder if I could live a full year off grabbing extra food off of a continental breakfast buffet.



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maybe just a bust then


It's obviously a fluke.

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4 minutes ago, Lord Liaden said:

Okay, not recruiting from this thread for the post of morale officer. :(


Hey, I love the region where I live, but there are natural hazards everywhere on Earth, and I keep tabs on the ones around me in a low-intensity, non-stressed way, born of a lifelong inclination towards observational sciences.  And I'd do the same thing for wherever I was living or was thinking about living.  Island in the Indian Ocean ... yeah, geophysics figures large in those.  (I'd need to educate myself about the monsoon and other climate features as well.)  Wouldn't necessarily prevent me from going there ($30k/year is probably out of my budget, though), but I'd think about it.

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2 hours ago, Lord Liaden said:

Okay, not recruiting from this thread for the post of morale officer. :(


I grew up at ground zero for targeting of Russian nuclear missiles.


The house I was living in at the time caught fire several times.


When I moved away from that, a tornado landed on my house while I was inside it.


So it's not like the thought of a tsunami is very intimidating.


And my estimate of the tsunami hitting if I go there was very realistic. :D 

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Indy already had the Final Four this year, for one, but nothing's even close to final.  And Indy's 17th largest city in the country...3rd in the Midwest after Chicago (duh) and Columbus.


Finding a venue that *can* do it...you'll need at least 4 game venues for the round of 64, hotel space for ALL the teams, practice facilities for all the teams...the logistics are a major PITA.  THEN, atop that, you'll need to find a city *willing* to do it, and while the income would be wonderful, the increased risk is also significant.

It could work out to use 2 venues for the first 2 rounds, plus the 4 play-in games;  that reduces the initial load to something much more manageable.

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12 minutes ago, Cancer said:

Hmm.  Where would I want a virus breakout to occur?  Hmmmm....


I boycott products which are made in mainland China because the government uses forced labor camps to produce consumer goods for export. I don't see the sense in condemning the slavery of the past while supporting it in the present.


It's probably bad taste to suggest that for COVID considering its origins. But I would have unhesitatingly said Beijing if made to choose a target for a virus before this all started.

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1 minute ago, Sociotard said:

I normally don't care about my data getting shared. This, though, this seems suspicious.


The US military buying location data from Muslim prayer and Quran app




I'm sure it's all part of some kind of recruitment effort. You know, like in the Obama administration when they decided that one of the primary focuses of NASA should be outreach to Muslim communities.



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Well, now...




Wichita State has been one of the better teams in the country, and definitely one of the top "mid-majors", with 7 straight NCAA tournament appearances and an appearance in the Finals.


Looks like this is the fire;  the smoke was 8 players leaving the school in the spring.  But the allegations are numerous.  The university hired outside investigators, and it would seem there's more than adequate substance to them.

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45 minutes ago, BoloOfEarth said:


Should I watch the first Wonder Woman movie first?  I'm not a big DC fan and haven't caught any of the DCU movies.


There is a REALLY important character from the first movie that is apparently in the 2nd movie.  It's probably necessary or their appearance/arc won't mean anything.  Btw, if you haven't seen any DCEU movies due to negative comments and reviews, then you don't have to worry.  The first WW is really good.  Also, most (if not all) of the DC movie catalog is on HBOMAX.

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