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maybe just a bust then


Oompa Loompa doompadee doo I've got another puzzle for you Oompa Loompa doompadah dee If you are wise you'll listen to me   What do you do when your truck, more or less, Crashes and make

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3 hours ago, Ternaugh said:

I'm reminded of Londo cheating at cards on B5.


I'm reminded of the scene in Spaceballs when Barf's tail repeatedly slips up under the waitress's skirt and he claims that he can't control it.


Honestly, I don't think that a TV show about a man who can't control is genitals is something to show to a target audience of 4-6 year old kids.


At best, you're going to get a lot of young boys doing inappropriate things and claiming that he can't control it.


At worst, girls are going to be harassed and young boys are going to open themselves up to being abused by sexual predators.

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How STUPID can you be to selfie yourself while at the site of a violent protest?


Yes, well, employers have no sense of humor here.




It's a start.  Do many deserve a lot more?  Sure, but just think of it as a down payment.  Because this is going to tarnish their employment records forever.

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14 minutes ago, Cygnia said:


I wonder if this was more or less expected.  He was in the hospital for 2 months before being released just Tuesday, and for heart issues.  Or maybe "expected" is too strong;  more like, there really wasn't anything more that could be done.  Rather give him time at home with family.


Very sad in any case.  I'm also VERY much afraid that Vin Scully might pass on very soon, because his wife Sandy died this week too.  And now another long-time friend.  Scully is 93 as well.  That makes this an extremely tough time for him.

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Guest finds camera in hotel room: At about 9:51 p.m. near the 3000 block of Gateway Center Boulevard S., police were dispatched to a suspicious activity call when a guest found a webcam set up in their hotel room.


After party foul: At about 3:15 a.m. near the 28400 block of 18th Avenue S., officers responded to a report of a bleeding female. Upon arrival, officers made contact with a heavily intoxicated woman who had sustained a severe laceration to her wrist of her right arm. The female said she returned home from a party and believed she was locked out, so she attempted to break a window to gain access to her apartment and cut her wrist. No suicide attempt, and her neighbor confirmed she had punched the window herself. The female was transported to St. Francis Hospital for medical attention.


Bullet comes through roof: At about 12:54 a.m. near the 2600 block of SW 320th Place, a woman reported a bullet came through her roof. Police contacted the woman, who provided the bullet to police, and said the bullet entered through the roof before landing on her floor. Photographs were taken of the damage to the ceiling. Police say they received multiple reports of illegal firearm discharges in the area due to the New Year’s celebrations. No suspects in this case.


Bits from January 1 in a local paper's "Police Blotter" column.  Pretty tame compared to the usual Florida Man items.

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2 hours ago, Cygnia said:

One of the characters of the sort only baseball could nurture. His gamble to put in Kirk Gibson as  pinch hitter, when the only thing keeping him upright was farce of will. was a bet almost nobody else would have taken. All Gubon did was hit a game-winning home run and break the backs of the A's and the hearts of their fans.


He was a unique personality, and even at his age will still be profoundly missed among te Dodger faithful.

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