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8 hours ago, archer said:


Not mentioned was that the notable negative impact of the current approach is bird kill.  This vertical design would seem to reduce that;  animals generally should see the danger zone better.  I suspect, too, that this design is considerably cheaper to construct;  the horizontal fan blades are BIG suckers.  Size translates to more stress, ergo tougher materials.  The vertical layout looks to be smaller.  Also, the horizontal fan has to be arm-mounted, on a base somewhat taller than the fan blade length.  The vertical array would seem to mount on just a central support.

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11 hours ago, archer said:

Apparently we've been doing wind power the wrong way....



4 hours ago, Lord Liaden said:

We weren't doing it "wrong," we've just discovered a better way to do it.


We were literally doing it the wrong way: horizontal rather than vertical. ;) 

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On 5/7/2021 at 5:41 AM, unclevlad said:





This *may have been legal* under Florida law, BTW.  Corporal punishment is allowed but the circumstances and personnel are somewhat discretionary.  But doing this to a 6 year old seems above and beyond reasonable.

Caught the first whack and turned off. How the feck anyone can think beating a six year old is an acceptable form of punishment, feck knows. 


I'll say this much, if I caught someone doing that to my kids, I'd be dishing out my own punishment with something a hell of a lot bigger and harder than a paddle. 

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On 5/11/2021 at 11:14 PM, Cygnia said:

Queensland Police find 'leg' sticking out of car boot

I have been told that Queensland is basically the Florida of Australia...




All you need to know about Queensland:


Historically, we were known as the Deep North.


We developed punk bands independently from the US, and before the UK. If somewhere is awful enough, young people will find a way to rebel against it culturally.


While there is no chance whatsoever of me ever writing Champions Down Under, Champions of Queensland might be an option. It would have worked better in the 80s, since we're a bit too civilized now.

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On 5/14/2021 at 3:05 PM, Ternaugh said:

Gas for that part of Florida doesn't come in on the pipeline, but is instead delivered by barge.




You can still have shortages because of panic buying.


I was driving through Georgia before the peak panic hit and before the shortages would normally have hit gas stations...but still had problems at two gas stations (a Wal-Mart station that was out and a Shell station that was out of everything except their super premium). On the way back during peak panic, we filled up in Florida and avoided Georgia as much as possible.


We also drove across that bridge in Memphis that had the huge cracks in it shortly before the cracks were discovered and the bridge shut down.


But those kinds of problems are par for the course whenever I try to go on a vacation so nothing new.


At least the disasters weren't the "it's going to cost you personally thousands of dollars" variety this time. (But the less said about my wife's purchases at our destination, the better....)

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8 hours ago, Pariah said:


Oh man.


The video coverage indicated the driver may have been drinking and/or high...and the report is that the car drifted into the bike lane, which at best can seem to be read as inattention.  But if it's DUI...some of this is, I'm old enough to remember when DUI was *frequently* given a wrist slap.  And when I was in HS, one of the most popular members of that year's senior class was killed by a drunk driver.  (IIRC I was a soph.)  The rest of the class found out *at the graduation ceremony* because it happened the night before.


So...for that and for other reasons over the years...I HATE PEOPLE WHO DRIVE DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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