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17 hours ago, archer said:



The project will analyze data from hundreds of episodes of Antiques Roadshow, and design new algorithms using artificial intelligence (AI), in order to identify potential interstellar travelers, alien-built satellites and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), according to the statement. 




I saw what you did there. Because I read the actual article.


Dean Shomshak

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36 minutes ago, archer said:


I don't think a wagging finger is one of the officially-approved upvote icons....

<Abashed> I'm sorry...


...And to be fair, considering some of the bizarre stuff I've seen on Antiques Roadshow your version of the Galileo Project is not entirely laughable.


Probably cheaper, too.


Dean Shomshak

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Oh my....


The NHL is going to investigate veteran Evander Kane for betting on his own team's games.


And throwing them.


The accusations' source?  His wife.  From AP:


In a separate post, Anna Kane accused her husband of spending lavishly partying in Europe while asking her to sell her wedding ring to survive and wrote about not being able to afford baby formula for their child.


So it's one very, very angry woman.  The story also notes:



Kane’s gambling history and finances have been public knowledge for some time. A Las Vegas Strip casino sued Kane in 2019, alleging he failed to repay a $500,000 gambling debt racked up during a playoff series against the Golden Knights.


So ohhh boy do her allegations seem well-founded.


Ouch.  This would be the worst gambling violation since Tim Donaghy.

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There is a difference between "rich" and "more money than the entire state budget of Texas."  By a LOT.  


"Ultra high net worth" is defined as $30M in assets, less liabilities, not counting certain things.  It gets a little complicated.  That seems a plausible notion of "rich" these days.  The Gates fortune was 4000x this......

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Effective if likely unintentional pun, to be sure.


A quick glance at Florida battery law...it looks like it's misdemeanor charges, but I wouldn't be surprised if prosecutors try to elevate.  But there will likely be other moves...he won't be flying Frontier any time soon, for example.


EDIT:  Cygnia, they're on paid leave while the incident is investigated.  This is pretty much standard.  I don't expect they'll be disciplined;  certainly they shouldn't be, from what the stories describe.  Duct-taping his mouth shut *might* be considered excessive, but if the moron was being as disruptive (even bound) as described, I think it's a prudent move.  Forcibly restraining him was completely justified;  his actions endanger the flight.

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On 8/2/2021 at 6:55 PM, archer said:

Bill and Melinda Gates Finalize Their Divorce




I would have divorced Bill for a third of what she got.


I guess when you're rich, you don't have to bargain hunt.

   I would have let Bill Gates violate me with a chainsaw for a third of what she got.





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