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4 hours ago, death tribble said:

United States declares 23 bird, fish and other species extinct



Headline from NYT article cited in the story above:  "Protected too late."

That's going to be the story of our planet with regard to climate change.  Not that we'll go extinct, no...but there's going to be enormous damage done before anything can be fixed.

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16 hours ago, Cygnia said:


15 hours ago, tkdguy said:

I knew those things were evil.

He had reason to be upset. On my one trip to NYC, it became apparent that nobody can cross the road in Manhattan.

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1 hour ago, Lord Liaden said:


Getting older sucks. :weep:


The alternative is worse.

Altho the way things are going, that might be debatable.  If things really do fall apart, us older farts will be among the earliest to suffer, simply because our dependencies on the routine things is higher.

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5 hours ago, tkdguy said:

RIP Terry Amthor


Cocreator of Rolemaster and Spacemaster, creator of Shadow World


4 hours ago, Lord Liaden said:


One after another, the creators of the hobby that enthralled us in our youth are passing on. Getting older sucks. :weep:

Weren't there some Shadow World books with conversions to 4th edition Hero?

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