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Russia, and other countries, discovered during World War II that women, in general, made better snipers.


I am wondering about this one. I know that women have an advantage shooting off hand due to a lower center of gravity, but can't think of any other advantages they may have that apply to being a sniper. Since snipers don't shoot off hand, I can't think of any advantage. It's true enough that women are just as capable, as history shows, but I just can't think of any other advantages than low center of gravity.

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I'm a bit ... agitated?... today. Here's why:




This gas station/Wendy's is right around the corner from my house. I've been going there to get snacks, lottery tickets, or artery-hardening food almost every day since we moved to our current apartment in 2009. This is a relatively quiet, nice area, but close to the highway.


Today, I go to get lunch, and the car radio has a story about a shooting at a Kent Shell and Wendy's, right as I pull out onto the main road at the bottom of our hill. Sure enough, I get to it, and it's my Shell station.


Whoever the two employees were that were killed, I knew. I didn't know their names, but whichever two lives were taken were people I spoke with, passed pleasantries with, did business with every day since either I moved up here or they started working there. We weren't friends. Acquaintance may even be too strong a term, really. These were simply congenial people I did business with as part of my day to day routine. But I'm still super, super agitated. And angry.


I hope the scum that did this are rounded up quickly, and if possible, painfully.


Insert various strong profanity throughout the above paragraphs as you read them, to really capture my mood at the moment.

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Chef killed by severed snake head


A snake came back from the dead to deliver a deadly bite to a chef, 20 minutes after he had chopped its head off.


The chef was preparing a dish from cobra flesh when the snake’s head bit him, reports The Mirror.


Victim Peng Fan had chopped off the head of the Indochinese spitting cobra, a rare delicacy in Asia, to prepare for making the special dish.


But when he went to throw the severed snake head into the bin it bit him on the hand, injecting him with fast-acting, deadly venom.


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In case you haven't heard by now, California got hit by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.


I was still awake at the time. No damage done to my home, but my cats were freaked out. It took a while to calm them down.


Most of the damage seems to be in the Napa Valley region.


There will be a lot of people waking up and whining. 

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