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Putin won't do anything about it except make noise. Risk of the game Russia constantly plays pushing the boundaries of Turkey's air space. No world war for Christmas this year.

This one should have been expected.  Turkey had warned Russia about previous incursions into its territory.   And remember, this was not some airliner that drifted off course.  It was a Combat jet carrying out combat operations.  


Now, the fact that it was  hitting Turkomen (sp?) villages that Turkey considers itself the protector of...   

And I have the impression that Erdogan has been at least philosophically and probably covertly supporting the ISIL forces...  He certainly was happy to let them slaughter a majority Kurd town within view of the border, and the tanks he had stationed there...     And there seems to have been little effort to stop militants filtering over the border to assist ISIL...   


Putin is imo a THUG.   Erdogan imo is also a thug, an Islamist who has been doing his best to destroy the Turkish Secular state.   He lost an election to a Pro Kurdish party, and hmmm  a bomb goes off, supposedly set by the Kurds, and fighting breaks out there.   He holds another election, and wins...  FUNNIEST THING...




Makes our politics look almost civilized.  still crazy, but...

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I am not sure Etna has ever actually stopped erupting in modern history. At times it runs out of beer and has to duck down to the 7-11 for more, but otherwise I think it's been continuous messy eruption party time since at least the Roman Republic.

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