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Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe


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Never bring a gun to a swordfight.  


Don't fly higher than you can fall.


Terminal velocity is your friend.


Growth is the amazing power to make yourself an easy target.


Never call someone "dead" until you finish the autopsy.


Being dead doesn't necessarily stop people from making trouble


There is no idea so stupid that it can't be used to hurt people.


You can't mass produce awesome.  


Always make your capes detachable.


Always know which walls are load-bearing.




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Most of Murphy's Laws of Combat and 70 Maxims of Maximumly Effective Mercenaries can be adapted in some form or another.






Especially if the Press is your Enemy (funny how those two words can easily be interchanged).

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If all of the evidence is pointing at someone who is supposed to be dead, then chances are he's either not dead or was only mostly dead and has gotten better.

If all of the evidence is pointing at someone who's supposed to be the good guy, chances are he's being framed.

Just because you know a villain's ID, doesn't mean you will easily be able to find him.

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Be polite to everyone. The next person you meet might be a world-class supervillain in their secret ID.


Even in a world with superpowers, knowledge is power.


Everyone has their kryptonite. Mine is cupcakes.


Spandex is a privilege, not a right.


Superscience has built powered armor suits that can fly and fire lasers without needing to be recharged ... but our smartphones still crap out before we get the chance to recharge them.


The worst part of being a superhero is the slash fanfic.

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