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Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

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No, those who put "Wombat" in their name can expect to visit Australia.

I'd change my name to include "Wombat" to test that, but I'm too afraid - what if it's true? I hear that most of the things living in Australia would be trying to kill me.


And the sheep can't or won't protect me either.


Lucius "Womba...ahh,let's not and say I did" Alexander.


And the fearless palindwombatraumadary

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If two superheroes meet for the first time, they WILL get into a fight.  


If a female hero meets a male villain, she will kick his butt and drag him to jail without a second thought.


If a male hero meets a female villain, they will fall in love.  


Corollary 1 - They WILL sleep together.  


Corollary 2 - She WILL get pregnant.  


Corollary 3 - She WON'T go straight.  


Corollary 4 - She WILL keep the baby.


Corollary 5 - The baby WILL grow up to be a villain who hates his father.

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Never interrupt your nemesis when they are about to make a mistake; doubly so when they're about to make a lethal mistake.

Remindes me of this old saying about battlefield tactics:

"Never stop your enemy when he is making a mistake."

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Not all superheros wear special costumes and have special names. But most do... except in Japan. The guys in Japan tend to be to strong and badass for such things, or are 'normal' people with power and responsible thrusted upon them by extremely odder than comic book situations.

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