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Hi all,


I hope someone in this forum can help shed a little light on my question.  If this is not the correct forum for this question I apologize in advance.


I am new to the superhero RPG genre and I have a question regarding villains in these RPG's.  How do GM's handle the death or non death of these major villains in a superhero RPG.  Are they killed off regularly?  In comic books the major villains never die, is that the way things are supposed to be run in a superhero RPG.  Lex Luthor, the Joker, etc... still live to wreak havoc in the real comic world.


Anyone have any advice?


Thanks in advance




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The Dark Champions genre is more for "street level" type games; Champions for the more "four color" ones.  


And that's kind of the answer to your question - what "feel" do you want for your games?  Most comics save the villains to use them again, but there's a bunch that do not, solving their villain problem in a permanent way.  Which do you want for your game?


Maximum security prisons can keep villains out of circulation for as long as you want, but a teleporting villain may never stay caught.  If they need an emergency exit or escape plan, give them one.  If the villain is a one shot, let them rot.  Either way.



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Also, individual player characters may or may not conform to the general campaign feel.  Real examples of my PCs-


The Kraken is a [Dark Champions] Detroit street fighter, a martial artist who uses smoke and flash bombs, and tries not to kill anyone.


White Wolf is a four color alpha werewolf in Millennium City.  In spite of her fangs and claws, she has yet to kill or transform anyone.  She's a combat monster, though- she took down Grond, among the most powerful super humans on the planet  http://championsonline.wikia.com/wiki/Grond

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In a Dark Champions setting, you can kill the person using a masked identity, but the mask and outfit can pass on to another person. By changing around characteristics and skills a bit, you are able to recycle the costume.


In full-on Four-Color Champions, death is not as permanent. There are clones, alternate universe copies, magic and super-science to cheat death. Just take your pick on how a character comes back. Of course, it's easier if there's no body to be found.

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It does happen but codes versus killing and police can stop it. If a hero is a killer, they become your next villain. If you need a villain for a while, don't have him stand and fight. Have thugs fight and he runs away until the next time. There are lots of thugs and minor villains to use until your main villain is threatened. Worry about telling a good story as if the story does work, the player will be bore. Every villain can have a son, daughter, sidekick or friend who will pick up the villain's costume to seek vengeance. There are plot complications that will take you on a great ride. Let it happen and use it. Life is not planned so go with the flow.

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This is the kind of question that can only be answered with more questions.


How do YOU want it to work?


And, what do your PLAYERS want?



You will probably eventually strike a balance between antagonists that just keep coming back and those who are put out of the way for good or for a long time (dead, prison for life, powers neutralized permanently, etc.) but no one else can dictate what the balance should be for you and for your group.


Lucius Alexander


The palindromedary never comes back. But that's because it always goes forth.

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