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Origins 2014

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Booth and Goodies


BlackWyrm was there with a double booth, back to back with Indie Press Revolution (who carried Hero's goodies). We brought a bunch of games and novels, and a bunch of maps.



Allhail the Wyrm! The Wyrm is mighty!


Thanks to Barton "Rat Man" Stano, James "Vigilance" Dawsey, and James "Too New to Have a Nickname" Peterson III for helping set up, man, and tear down the booth.


We didn't sell all that many games or novels, but boy did we ever sell maps. We sold out of almost every map that we'd brought.



Have you seen this map? Call 1-800-ASK-FETT


Our prize drawing this time was a silly string shooter gun. The winner was a young girl (8 or 9, maybe) at the next booth over. She had a younger brother, so it's a good thing I packed a spare one. They loved their new weaponry. 


World's best Father's Day present; kids with guns






I was scheduled to run two games. I usually run Bring Your Own Brick as one of them, but since the theme this year was Monsters and since Origins included a Friday the 13th, I put in for two horror games instead. Night of the Living Crunch followed our Cereal Killers (Cap'n Crunch, Toucan Sam, etc.) through their grim and gritty adventures, this time against zombies. Urban Fantasy All-Stars was a Dresden Files RPG game, using the FATE system, where all the big name urban fantasy types got together to stop the bad guys from pressing fast forward on the Four Horsemen's timetable.


I hadn't noticed that they'd moved both of my games to Thursday when I still would have had time to move it, so my now-Thursday 8:00 AM game only had one player, so we canceled that one and I went back to booth in time for the opening. All-Stars went well. We had a full table, and the good guys stopped the bad guys half an hour early, with the whole second act being non-violent.



The character sheets look like cereal boxes


I ran two other events, the Christianity and Gaming panel discussion, and the Church Service on Sunday (brief video here).



Tom "The Dice Tower" Vasel preaches about giving






I got to see a bunch of old friends, and made some new ones, like with any event.



You knucklehead... Why I oughta...



Who told you that you could take our picture? Get 'im, guys!


But the best part of the whole convention for me was the Aaron Allston memorial service, led by Mike Stackpole (brief video here).



A best-selling Star Wars franchise -- the best accidental job a guy could get


When Aaron died a few months back, his actual funeral service was just for family and his closest friends. They did offer a memorial service down in Texas later, and I really wanted to go, but I realized that my attendance couldn't do anything for Aaron, so I'd really only be going to make myself feel better. The many hundreds I was about to spend on travel would be better spent honoring his memory.


So when Origins hosted this event, I had to go. Mike gave a great speech, and we all traded memories and stories. There's a scholarship fund for authors to go to conventions, in Aaron's memory. I'll post a link when I get one. 


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