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Advance Combat Driving Martial Arts (AKA CarFu)


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This is a martial arts 'style' designed for use in a cinimatic campain with lots of vehical interaction. It dosen't have a "style disavantage". It repersents skills stunt drivers and other people who live and die by there vehicals pick up in the corse of there life. Note: This Martial Art was created using the Hero System Martial Arts book for the 6ed.


Advance Combat Driving Martial Art

Use Art w/Small Motorized Ground Vehiclas: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles Weapon Element is Free

Manuver   Points   OCV   DCV   Damage/Effect

Advance Rundown

                  4           +0      -2        STR+ v/6 Damage, FMove

Advance Sideswipe

                  4           +2      -2        STR+ v/10 Damage, FMove

Defensive Driving Experties

                  4             -      +4        Dodge, Abort, FMove

Love Tap

                  5           +0     +0        STR+ 10 to Shove, FMove

Moveing Blockade

                  5           +0     +0        Block, STR+ 10 to Resist Shove, FMove 



Combat Driving *

Defense Maneuver

TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles *

TF: Large Mortorized Ground Vehicles



Use Art w/Large Motorized Ground Vehicles: +1


Advance Rundown uses the STR of the vehical, as opose to the charater's own STR, for damage calculations. This is your typical ramming attack. The GM is free to turn it into a Killing Attack against soft targets (pedestrins).


Advance Sideswipe again uses the STR of the vehical, as opose to the charater's own STR, for damage calculations. This is your advance sideswipe attack (doing damage by just going past the target at close range).


Defensive Driving Experties is basicly a motorised dodge.


Love Tap uses the vehicals STR to shove. This is the clasic 'tap' to send another car off the side of a cliff.


Moveing Blockade can be used to prevent other cars from passing. It is also used to resist the Love Tap. Note that the driver can't abort to the Moveing Blockade...he must be shure that he dosen't want the guy behind him to pass or that he is going to knock him off the cliff before using the manuver.


The OCV/DCV uses the vehical's own OCV/DCV, or the charaters OCV/DCV, whichever is lowest, just like normal vehical combat.

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Nice! I remember posting, and reading an old thread of "Motorcycle Fu"....at least one branch of though about the "martial" arts contains the concept of adapting your existing expertise, and equipment to self defence. You see it sometimes referenced in movies as the cook being a master of "knife/chopper" fu etc.... (One of Iron Monkeys foes was a handi cab dude, and so was a master of kicking moves)

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