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Michael Hopcroft

Virtuacon 14 (October 11-13, 2014 Online)

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The folks at RPG Geek (the roleplaying section of the uber-popular BoardGameGeek website) are sponsoring another online game convention in October. Virtuacon 14 (second in the series for those of you keeping score) will feature games played over Google Hangout (often using the Roll20 virtual tabletop) with players and GMs from all over the world.


GM signup doesn't start until July 15th, and all I know for sure is that I'll be running something. No idea what yet.

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Now here is a con I _can_ attend.

GM Signup starts in four days. Everything is essentially done through RPGGeek, including GM signup and convention planning. It is preferred that GMs establish a presence there and hopefully demonstrate interest and reliability.


There is a small (currently) wishlist of games people want to be players in, if that would help folks decide what to run. There'[s nothing Hero on it yet.

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