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Lucha Libre Hero

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Lucha Libre Hero is by far my all-time favorite Hero product. Is anyone else out there bursting with love for Lucha Libre Hero and the genre it was made for? I have a hard time getting anyone to play Hero, let alone Lucha Libre Hero, so I'd love to hear tales from your games or information about resources you've used for the game. I have some toy masked wrestlers I bought in Tijuana that I think would be handy for a tabletop game, plus some books about the films and real-life luchadores.

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I have it but I wasn't impressed. I found the example scenario in the book very lacking: "Stuff happens at the bank - Luchadores to the rescue! Fight, end of chapter, no clues. - Different stuff happens - Luchadores to the rescue! Fight, end of chapter, no clues." - Repeat to the end of the adventure.


Okay, that might be excatly like it is in the source material, but the source material has visuals and combat moves to keep me entertained (I guess - never watched one of the movies), but as an adventure it is not even a stone-age-script for a scenario.


Even my old dungeons were a thinking man's nightmare puzzle and more pro-active. At least the player could oepn doors, kill monsters, find traps, open more doors.

This adventure is more like ONE ROOM and in different intervals monsters storm through secret doord and fight against the players.

And it is impossible for the players to find the secret doors or follow though them.

They sit, the wait, they lucha.


Nah, I am utterly unimpressed by the setting and the scenario. As s sourcebook Lucha Libre Hero is well done. But it has no worth as a setting for a campaign (or even a one-shot) for me.

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That's an interesting perspective. I have found that one can translate plots from any genre in to LLH as luchador movies run the gamut from horror to Bondesque spies to sci-fi to mafia/crime to mystery to super hero to pulp (Raiders of the Lost Ark style), etc. I think you may be selling it short based on the scenario presented in the book, as if you ever get to see the movies there's a lot more than that.

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If you're looking for intricate puzzle-plots, yeah Lucha's probably not your genre. But if you're looking for a few hours of slapstick tongue-firmly-in-cheek action, with the right group of players & GM, hilarity can very much ensue! I've played several awesome Lucha Hero one-shots at conventions, run by Teh Bunneh or OddHat. (I can't figure out how to tag them with this new editor?) I don't know that I'd want to play in a full Lucha campaign, but every single one of the one-shots I've played in has been absolutely hysterical. The last one I played ended with the six Luchadore PCs combining to form a 60-foot tall mega-Luchadore ("...and I'll form the head!") to wrestle 60-foot-tall-Dracula, if that gives you an idea of the [ahem] tone of the games!


I did use Los Misteriosos into the last 4-color Champions campaign I ran. I pumped them up a bit to Low-Powered Supers level, and introduced them as comic-relief heroes. They didn't show up very often, but made for a fun change of pace a couple of times. They even managed to rescue the PCs once when they had been captured and de-powered by La Hija del Frankenstein. I think my favorite part was the post-victory clubbing, with the Luchadore's I-never-take-my-mask-off superstardom played to contrast with the PCs' uneasy celebrity and SIDs back home.

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It's really hard to get people to try HERO, trying to sell them a Lucha Libre game is even harder. I like the crazy pulpy feel of the classic lucha movies, but what I would really love doing would be a in-ring game, where the players are the members of a new young stable lead by a old veteran. A sort of Bloodsport/WrestleMania mish mash where wrestling is real. The problem with that is that you need your group to both master the relatively complex martial art system and be wrestling fan. Not necessarily an easy feat. Still, it's one of my white whale of gaming. At least my GM is planning a western/vampire hunter game, and this one has been on my list for while. Good luck finding players tikiman. Also, if anyone lives in Montreal or around and want to do a Lucha Libre game, I'd be very interested.  

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Word, there is always room for Lucha! I posted a Champions Character "Ocho" aka "Ocho caras" that had a 8 slot Multi power, of 8 Mystical Masks of Power!  A long while ago. And he was a blast to play. (He has Diplomatic Immunity, he is an Ambassador sent to the US)

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